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   Chapter 229 Clear Minded

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Vicky's heart sank to the bottom of the valley. She never thought that Fiona could even find out this.

When she was about to say something, several policemen knocked at the door domineeringly, but the door was unlocked. As soon as they pushed it open, they came in.

Before Vicky could say anything, the policeman said, "Lady, come with us. We have something to investigate with you."

"What are you doing? I didn't do anything. I won't go with you. "

Vicky rolled around and simply held the sofa. In the narrow room, she looked very narrow when sitting on the ground.

Fiona was not in the mood to see her disgusting appearance.

She held Jeremy's hand and walked out.

After leaving the community, Jeremy stopped and asked, "Are you still angry?"

"How can I not be angry? You know what? I left you because I was afraid that Vicky and Joanna would hurt you. I'm curious why they are so shameless and can do anything. "

'Vicky and Joanna obviously don't deserve to be human beings.'

When she had no way out, she still tried to clear her name and pretended that nothing had happened.

Did she deserve to be bullied?

"Well, I'll take care of the rest. I'm your man."

"We are not married yet."

"Remarry today?"

Jeremy frowned and gently suggested. Divorce had always been a pain in his heart, Lingering between his eyebrows.

Fiona curled her lips and said, "No, I don't want to remarry so soon."

At least they had to return to the past. Marriage was a promise to both sides. Even if they loved each other very much, she still longed for that kind of long flowing love, not the happiness that could be assured only by a marriage certificate.

Jeremy asked unhappily, "Don't you want to marry me?"

Why did she refuse?

"Of course I want to. Jeremy, I just don't want you to regret in the future. At least, Vicky is right about one thing now. I really don't deserve you now. You are a big boss, and I am a smal

ried too much.

"I'll tell you. You are worried about nothing."

"I don't know either."

She curled her lips and thought, 'fortunately, all of them accepted me.'.

She was so lucky that no one had changed when she looked back.

Sitting in the living room, Phil deliberately ignored her and put on an angry face.

Mark smiled. After introducing the dishes, he couldn't help saying, "Mr. Phil is angry that you haven't come back to see him for so long."

"Grandpa, I was wrong." Fiona apologized.

With a straight face, Phil still didn't look back at them. Instead, he complained, "Why do you apologize? It's not you who should apologize, but someone else. "

They all knew who this person was referring to.

Jeremy had no choice. Phil couldn't let it go. He had to bow his head willingly and said, "Well, grandpa, I'm sorry. It was mistake that made me divorce. I won't do it again."

Phil picked up a pillow and threw it to Jeremy, "How dare you say the future?"

"No, no, No."

"Behave yourself from now on. Don't be on the hot search with female stars all day long." He didn't have the heart to watch the news on the Internet anymore. He was wondering why everyone was blessing him to find a girlfriend?

At present, he only admitted that Jeremy had a woman named Fiona.

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