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   Chapter 228 Do Whatever You Want

Flash Marriage: My Mysterious Man By Lu Manman Characters: 6686

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Jeremy looked affectionately at Fiona beside him. All his tenderness fell on her, and could no longer be another woman.

Vicky couldn't believe it.

Recently, the news was spreading all over the place, saying that Jeremy and Joanna were boyfriend and girlfriend. Even in the film crew, Joanna had become a female supporting role from a layman because of the scandal, and her acting scenes had increased a lot.

Jeremy said that the woman he loved deeply was Fiona. How could it be possible? She didn't believe it.

"Jeremy, are you lying to me? I know you young people like to play hide and seek. I guess Jo has to work harder. "

Vicky grinned, trying to hide her embarrassment.

It was not easy to fool the rich woman who was against her.

She sneered, "Mr. Jeremy said it clearly. If you don't understand, I don't mind telling you what he just said. Your promiscuous daughter can't be with him."

The lady was very proud. She had thought that Jeremy was here to support Vicky, and she had prepared to retreat. After all, he was now the most influential man in the country. He was no longer the illegitimate child laughed at by everyone. Many people wanted to cooperate with him, and there were very few chances to see him with their own eyes.

As an old woman, she was attracted by the handsome Jeremy. No wonder that shameless Vicky pushed her daughter to him.

Vicky roared hysterically and cursed, "Get out. I don't want to see you."

The woman sneered, "do you think I want to see you? I warn you, if you dare to call my husband again and harass our family, you will suffer a lot. "

The lady didn't linger any longer. She left as soon as she finished her words.

Vicky was full of anger. Seeing that many people were still watching the fun in the corridor, she simply closed the door.

Finally, she was separated from a pair of burning eyes outside, which made her feel much better.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Fiona looked at Jeremy and then at Fiona, and said

This was Fiona's voice. She deliberately prolonged her voice with strong sarcasm and provocation.

Hearing this, Joanna panicked.

In a serious tone, she said, "Joanna, I advise you not to use any tricks, or you will end up like your mother."

She would not be bullied all the time.

She couldn't always be protected.

She hung up the phone and threw it on Vicky. "Vicky, apologize to my mother and kowtow to her in front of her tomb. Otherwise, I will pursue it to the end and give you two days to think about it. After two days, if I don't receive your reply, you will be in jail."

As for these two days, she would try her best to find out the evidence of her being kidnapped.

If it weren't for their mother and daughter, she wouldn't have been separated from Jeremy till now. Thinking of what had happened in the past, her eyes were slightly red and bitter.

She was so lucky that God had given her another chance to seize this hard won warmth.


Vicky was confident that she wouldn't be sent to jail for destroying a cemetery.

She sneered coldly, "Do you think you can do whatever you want with the support of Mr. Jeremy? You wish. "

"After all, I escaped successfully under the kidnapping of you and your daughter. Kidnapping is enough to put you into jail, isn't it?"

Fiona said defiantly.

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