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   Chapter 171 Take Care Of Him

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It was better to have short pain than long pain. Fiona knew that they couldn't hide it from Phil for the rest of their lives. He would know it sooner or later.

She said calmly, "Don't sleep now. Let's make it clear. Jeremy, don't hide it from your grandfather anymore. It's unfair to him."

He had the right to know the truth.

How much Jeremy hoped that he had fallen asleep, so that he didn't have to face this embarrassing situation.

His mind was in a mess and he didn't know what to do.

He exhaled, "I'm tired today and I want to sleep. Do you have to tell me this at this time?"

He just wanted to hold on for a while.

Fiona nodded calmly.

'How heartless she is! Damn it.' Jeremy sighed silently in his heart. This woman was so stubborn.

He didn't want to speak, and his face was full of resistance.

Staring at his expression, she asked in confusion, "What's your attitude? Don't you even have the patience to talk to me? I really feel sorry for your future wife. "

Jeremy said to himself, 'You can feel sorry for yourself. You are my future wife because you are the only one who will be with me in the future.'.

Since he couldn't escape, Jeremy sat up and said, "Tell me what you want to say."

Fiona looked at him and found that he was half naked, revealing his strong chest. The strong line was very bright and beautiful.

She swallowed secretly. This man was torturing her to death.

"You Can you put on your clothes first? " She felt embarrassed.

"Do you still have a crush on me?"

Jeremy's gloomy mood disappeared in an instant. He found that his mood was dominated by her, so he smiled helplessly.

He couldn't imagine that he would find another woman in his life besides her.

Fiona blushed at once, "Don't talk nonsense. I'm a good woman. Since we have divorced, I won't have any feelings for you. You can rest assured."

"I'm worried."


Ignoring his beautiful body under the bathrobe, she looked into his eyes seriously and said, "I'm serious, Jeremy. You won

l of endless loneliness and regret.

With a smile, Fiona comforted, "Grandpa, you will live a long life."


Fiona felt something was wrong and asked, "Grandpa, what's the matter? Is it... " What was wrong with him?

She didn't dare to ask. After Richard's illness, she became very fragile and couldn't bear the accident of her family.

"Now that I'm at this age, I don't care about anything else. My only wish is to see the birth of Jeremy's child. Can you fulfill my wish?"

Mark who was standing around them snickered.

It was true that the elderly were not in good health, but they were not that close to death.

Phil was too naughty. He even forced them...

"Well..." Fiona hesitated. Since Jeremy was not here, she had to face all the difficulties herself. She didn't know whether she would agree or not.

Who could give her an answer?

"Is Jeremy not good to you? Don't worry. I will help you teach him well in the future. It's not easy for him. He has suffered a lot since he was a child. Before marrying you, I have arranged many blind dates for him. You must know that, but he doesn't like any of them. "

It was totally out of his expectation to marry Fiona.

Maybe this was fate. They met each other and fell in love.

He asked eagerly, "Can you promise me that you will help me take good care of Jeremy?"

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