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   Chapter 169 Get Out Of Here Quickly

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How could she say that she wanted to sleep on the floor? And Jeremy would definitely not agree.

He shook his head and said coldly, "Forget it. I'll tell Grandpa and ask him to prepare another room."

"Please don't..."

Fiona held his hand subconsciously to stop him.

A moment ago, Phil was so happy and gave them such a warm smile. If he had known that they were sleeping in separate rooms, he would have been furious.

She didn't want to disappoint the old man.

"Just let it be. We were a couple before. It's normal for us to sleep together. But don't worry. I won't take advantage of you."

"All right."

Jeremy smiled happily. He was afraid that his secret would be exposed, so he had to go into the bathroom first. When he entered it, he just found that he didn't bring anything with him. But it didn't matter. Fiona was outside the bathroom, so he might be able to flirt with her a little bit and see her shy face.

While Jeremy was taking a shower in the bathroom, Fiona was in the same room sitting on the bad and could not help thinking how Jeremy looked now. The strong body of Jeremy came to her mind, together with water drops rolling on it. It must be arresting extremely. She didn't know if it was because of her pregnancy, but she became sensitive. Her mind couldn't help but think of his beautiful muscles. He must be very attractive with water drops on his body when he was taking a shower in the bathroom.

She blushed and felt hot. She realized that she couldn't think about it anymore. If she continued to think about it, she would definitely burn up. She had to stop and did something else.

She patted her face and tried to calm down, but she couldn't at all.

The scene in the bathroom kept flashing through her mind. She was almost tortured crazy.

If Jeremy didn't get dressed and came out, she would explode.

Hearing her phone ring, she finally stopped struggling. Fiona saw the name on the phone and answered it. "What's up, Vincent?"

Vincent said angrily, "This is exactly want I should ask you. What's up. Jeremy is fine. Why did you go with him again?"

Vincent was pissed off by the scene.

When Vincent came here today, he found that Jeremy and Fiona had been discharged from the hospital. After inquiring about them, he knew that they had gone back to Jeremy's grandfather's house.

It was not proper for them to do that. They had divorced.

"His grandfather asked us

eart beating fast came to his mind. It must be very good on this bed, and he was about to lose his patience.

There was the woman he loved by his side, but he could only watch helplessly and could not touch her. There was too difficult for him.

But Fiona was still standing there, motionless. He made another vicious move, "If Grandpa knows that we..."

"I'll go."

Fiona was about to lose.

She angrily went to the wardrobe and took the bathrobe. She accidentally saw the man lying on the bed. He was very attractive, and she had to calm down.

As soon as she entered the bathroom, she found that the bathtub was filled with water, which looked very comfortable.

She lay down and sighed with enjoyment. She was finally relieved from the tension tonight.

"Wake up."

A voice called her. She was asleep and didn't want to care about anything. She babbled, "I'm so sleepy. Don't call me."

"Do you know where you fell asleep?"

Jeremy had no choice. If they were not in the same room, he would not know how long she would sleep.

Fiona was actually lying in the bathtub. If she stayed in the bathtub all night, she would definitely catch a cold and have a fever. She used to be smart, but why didn't she take care of herself at all?

He put a dry towel on her face and asked, "Can't you get up? If you don't get up, I'll carry you up directly."

"No, thanks."

Fiona suddenly woke up and found that the water was still warm. Her mind was in a mess. Was she asleep just now?

Wait, why was Jeremy here? She covered herself with the towel subconsciously and scolded, "Get out of here quickly!"

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