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   Chapter 167 Humor

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Jeremy, who was lying on the bed, smiled. Steve was right. It seemed that he kicked him right.

His heart beat fast and he was looking forward to Fiona's answer.

Fiona said casually, "Yes, we have divorced. I took care of Jeremy because he was injured because of me. I have a conscience. I have to take care of him until he recovers."

This was her promise to him. She explained clearly and didn't want others to misunderstand her.

Steve felt sorry for Jeremy and winked at him secretly. "But it doesn't look like that. As an outsider, I think you are still together."

"It seems that you definitely have an illusion. I didn't expect the doctor to be so humorous."

Fiona giggled.

Many of Jeremy's friends were very interesting, but it was a pity that she might not have the chance to know them well in her life.

Humor? Steve was humorous?

In front of him, did Fiona talk and laugh with Steve?

Jeremy got upset and said in a cold voice, "I'm sticky and a little uncomfortable. Help me check it."


Steve couldn't help but spit. How could he play like this? 'Are they really divorced? I don't think so.'

"Be careful. You are a doctor. If you don't pay attention to your words and behavior, I will report it to the hospital and let you take it with you."

Jeremy had a lot of ways to deal with Steve. He knew that it was easier to deal with him than to deal with Vincent.

Steve raised his hands in surrender. If he didn't go out, he would be punished by Jeremy.

The noisy ward suddenly became quiet, so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping could be heard.

Fiona was a little unaccustomed to it, especially when she knew that they would be apart after he recovered.

"Wait a minute. I'll go to the bathroom to get a towel."

"Be careful. I haven't fully recovered yet. If you fall, I can't help you up." Jeremy was more worried about her. He had lost her once.

Tears welled up in Fiona's eyes. She nodded and replied obediently, "Don't worr

ch. I thought you wouldn't come back today. It's good that you're back. Jeremy, I've asked the kitchen to prepare a lot of your favorite food. Let's have a chat and you can leave after dinner."

"Okay." Jeremy answered indifferently. He didn't have the heart to refuse an old man who was in a declining age.

Phil and Mark went to the kitchen in person, followed by Jeremy and Fiona.

He stopped and held Fiona's hand, "As you have seen, Kurt told me that he couldn't be irritated any more. He is very guilty to me. Can you not talk him about our divorce?"

But they had divorced.

Fiona agreed and wanted to tell Phil in person.

That was what he had always hoped for. He must be very happy to hear the news. In the future, Jeremy could find a better woman.

She looked at Jeremy in confusion.

Jeremy knocked her head and said, "Don't you know that grandpa has accepted you for a long time? He has been concerned about us since you left. I didn't tell him the truth. "

"……" Were they going to continue to pretend?

Fiona was in a dilemma. If she continued to indulge herself in it, she might not want to leave.

"I don't think it's a good idea. Your grandfather will know it sooner or later."

Your grandfather?

Jeremy held her hand and pulled her in. They could pretend to be a couple in front of Phil.

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