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   Chapter 166 Have You Divorced

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Because of the pregnancy, Fiona might disappear in public soon. Nobody knew when she would come back.

It sounded so sad, and Jack also felt sad. Fortunately, Jeremy was in the operating room. If he had heard it, the world would have exploded.

He smiled apologetically, "I won't misunderstand."

"It's good that we won't misunderstand each other. I have divorced him. Really, if he hadn't been injured because of me, I wouldn't have been with him."

It was not good for both of them, even if she would never forget him for the rest of her life.

So what? For the sake of the child and his safety, they'd better keep a distance.


Jack didn't know what to say.

Jeremy still liked her. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that, but if she still said so, did it mean that she really didn't like Jeremy?

Love is really hard to understand.

"Actually..." Jack put up with it for a long time and said decisively, "In fact, Mr. Jeremy still likes you."

"But we have divorced."

"You can remarry after divorce. It's very popular nowadays. Can you have a try with him? He knew he was wrong. He shouldn't have divorced you. "

If Jeremy heard what Fiona said, he would definitely regret.

It was not until he lost her that he realized to cherish.

Jack swore that he would take good care of Gail and not make her sad.

The phone rang. At this time, Gail shouted on the phone, "Jack, you said that Fiona has come back. Where is she? I have arrived at the hospital. Tell me the place as soon as possible, or you will be responsible for the consequences. "

"Gail, I'll tell you right now."

'The person who called Jack is Gail? Why is Jack so obedient to her?' Fiona felt surprised.

When did they hook up secretly?

Jack hung up the phone with a smile and kissed the screen. He looked a little cute.

When he came to his senses, he found that both Fiona and Vincent were looking at him. He touched his head with embarrass

e operating room was opened, Jeremy, who was pushed out, heard the laughter of Fiona.

Didn't he ask Steve to tell her that he was seriously injured? But how could she laugh so loudly? Didn't she care about him anymore?

His mind was full of doubts. 'It can't be like this. She must care about me.'.

He was as conflicted as a child.

Hearing the voice, Fiona stopped laughing immediately and ran to him, asking in a hurry, "Jeremy, are you feeling better?"

"I won't die."

Fortunately, his consciousness was clear. If he could come out, there might be no big problem. It might mean that he would soon be discharged from the hospital.

Fiona should have been happy, but it meant that she would be separated from him and perhaps they would never be together again.

She was a little upset.

Jeremy asked coldly, "Are you unhappy to see me?"

"No No. "

"You were laughing just now. Why don't you laugh now?" Jeremy found that he still wanted to see her smile. He was a fool. He didn't cherish her until he lost her.

"I can't laugh." She was worried about him.

The doctors and nurses pushed Jeremy to the ward, and Fiona followed in. After listening carefully to what Steve had said, she kept all his words in mind.

Steve asked curiously, "Have you divorced? I don't think so. "

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