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   Chapter 165 No Intersection

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Jeremy was furious. He would never let go of anyone who dared to covet his woman.

He kicked Steve again and warned him angrily, "I advise you not to dig your own grave, or you can do nothing in your life, let alone doctors."

Steve made a pitiful look and said, "Jeremy, I'm so scared. Can you stop being against me?"


Steve rolled his eyes at him speechlessly. But Fiona was indeed very beautiful. She was attractive at first sight. He was a normal man, so he couldn't control himself.

Jeremy saw through his mind and shouted at him, "Steve, how dare you still dream about it? Do you take my words seriously?"

Did he think he was easy to be bullied? Impossible!

"I was just kidding. But I said the operation might take several hours. It's better if we can get along well with each other." Steve said in a friendly tone

"Well. Fine."

Why did he come here to build the chastity archway now?

Jeremy guessed that he must want to spend more time with Fiona. As a man, he could guess what he was thinking.

"I really can't continue acting."

Steve was innocent. He was the most famous expert in Department of orthopedics in the world, but now he had to act with Jeremy. If the news spread, his reputation would be ruined.

"Even if you can't continue, you have to continue. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences."

Jeremy sat on the operating table leisurely. Several hours was really hard for him. The other nurses were also sent to the room aside. He and Steve looked at each other and said proudly, "I will get her back."

"Isn't there another man beside her?"

Steve saw that and the man also cared about Fiona. Although it was undeniable that her face was full of concern when Jeremy was sent to the operating room. She held his hand and repeatedly asked if there was any risk for the surgery.

He wanted to tell Jeremy, but he didn't want him to be too proud.

They had alread


But he had to investigate it. What if she was pregnant?

At this moment, Jack's mouth was wide open as if he had discovered a new continent. He wished he could investigate it immediately. He couldn't help but feel curious.

Fiona gently hit Vincent and give him a look.

She smiled decisively and said, "Jack, have you misunderstood something? I'm not pregnant. If you don't believe me, I'll do an examination for you right away. "

The most dangerous way was the safest way. She had to be very calm in order to be invincible.

What if Jack suspected and then investigated... The consequence could be imagined. Maybe Jeremy liked the child. He wouldn't let the child wander outside, but the child was hers, too.

He could have many women who were willing to have babies with him, but this might be the only child in her life.

Fiona's honesty really broke Jack's suspicion. He patted his forehead and said, "I heard it wrong. I thought you were pregnant. If Mr. Jeremy knew it, he would be very happy."

"Jack." Fiona called his name.

Jack replied obediently, "Yes?"

With a sigh, she said seriously, "Jack, I'm sure to be pregnant in the future, but the baby will not be Jeremy's. when he recovers and the filming is over, we may not have any intersection anymore."

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