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   Chapter 163 The Leading Actor

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The feeling of repentance suddenly filled his whole body. Jeremy picked up his phone and immediately heard Jack, who was busy setting the breakfast, say, "Mrs. Fiona has gone to work."

"So soon..."

"She is a responsible person."

Jeremy said crossly, "Responsible? Why did she leave me in the hospital? "

Jack covered his mouth and burst into laughter. It was so funny. He was fine and pretended to be seriously injured, as if he would die tomorrow.

"Jack, dare you laugh again?"

"I I'm sorry. I'll go back right now. "

Yesterday, Jeremy told him to go back to B city to deal with work today.

"Don't go."

"Then what am I going to do?"

"Go to the crew to take care of her."

Jack felt bitter in his heart, "But my job..."

"It's your job to take care of her." Jeremy couldn't go with her in the daytime, and he could only see her in the evening. Although Vincent had been watching her for the whole day, it was hard to guarantee that Vincent wouldn't take this opportunity to get along with Fiona, which he absolutely didn't want to see.

Jack had nothing to say. He graduated from an international famous school. He could do anything, but now he had to help take care of the woman.

He couldn't display his talent.

"Don't you agree to my decision?"

"No, I mean, I'm good at taking care of Mrs. Fiona." Jack said with an obscene smile.

"Are you good at taking care of her?"

At this moment, Jack just wanted to cut off his mouth. If he did so, he wouldn't be able to speak, nor would he be caught by Jeremy.

He sighed and gave a piece of advice in anger, "Mr. Jeremy, I think sometimes you should talk in a proper way. Most women can't accept it."

"You and Gail?"

Jack answered honestly, "I always talk to her in a good way and coax her. I don't dare to say anything harsh. You know, women are easily angry, and if they are angry, they won't be beautiful."

If she was not beautiful, she would spend the man's money crazily. It was okay for a man to be capable, but if he was not, he could only say goodbye.

Jeremy calmed down an

ts of the main actor of the script, but also met the requirements of the young stars nowadays. If he had good acting skills, his future would be limitless.

The director raised his hands in agreement, "Yes, Mr. Vincent is indeed very suitable. Now we just lack the leading actress."

The director thought about it carefully and didn't find a suitable actress. Suddenly, an idea occurred to him and he looked at Fiona as if he had caught a life-saving straw. "Fiona, come and try the leading actress?"


This was too sudden. She couldn't do it.

"I really can't. I have no experience."

"Didn't you say that you were a stand-in before? You must have got some experiences. If we use a new face and do some proper publicity afterwards, the show will definitely explode. Trust me. "

The director was called Douglas Zhang. He was so excited that he almost wanted to take them to have a try at once.

But Fiona hesitated. She was pregnant and people would see her pregnancy soon. It was okay to be in charge of the scriptwriter. After the preliminary preparation, she only needed to follow up, but the actors had to be there all the time.

She was afraid that she couldn't hide it at that time. If Jeremy discovered it, she would be done.

She couldn't help reaching out her hand to her belly. She wanted to be with the baby and didn't want to be taken away by Jeremy.

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