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   Chapter 161 Accompany Him

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Fiona was tidying up her mood outside.

She guessed the reason why Jeremy refused Nancy.

He didn't pay much attention to the play. There was only one reason for him to think about it, and that was because of her.

She didn't dare to face him anymore. No wonder Jack asked her to take care of herself.

After tidying up her thoughts, as soon as she came in, she heard Jeremy ask in chagrin, "You don't like Nancy. Won't you mention it in the meeting?"

Why did she have to suffer? Didn't she know who Nancy was?

She was just making trouble for herself.

Fiona blushed, "Actually, it doesn't matter. It's just a business relationship. We won't have any intersection in a few months."

"Can you bear it these months? Don't you know that Nancy is famous for being mean? "

It could be said that none of the female stars who had been able to make a splash in the entertainment circle had no special skills. Did she think that all women in the world were as simple as her? That didn't exist.

"I haven't thought so much."

She felt wronged.

"If you don't like it in the future, just mention it. No one dares to oppose you." The whole crew was invested for her. Who else would they listen to if they didn't listen to her?

The staff of the film crew must have been bribed by Nancy, so they all stood up for her.

Fiona was more sure that he was caring about her. Her mind was in a mess. Their relationship should have ended long ago, but it became very strange now.

She gathered her courage and asked tentatively, "Are you caring about me?"

"I care about you? What a joke! "

It was indeed a joke, but Jeremy really cared about her. Every time he wanted to say it, his meaning would change. He didn't want to admit so quickly. Actually he didn't want to lose so miserably.

Fiona breathed a sigh of relief secretly and felt relieved. "Good. Otherwise I will be blamed for this."

"……" Jeremy really wanted to pry her brain to see what was in it.

He was so obvious. Couldn't s

hat was on her mind.

Would women become stupid after pregnancy?

Vincent searched on his mobile phone and was completely convinced when he saw the words "Pregnant women are usually silly for three years".

He couldn't watch her jump into the fire.

He called her in front of Belinda and asked, "When will you come back? Grandpa wants to make a video call with you. He hasn't seen you for a long time. He misses you very much. "

"I can't leave now." Fiona was helping him wipe his body, but she would never say it. It was too shameful.

"Grandpa misses you so much. He has been thinking about you."

Vincent said, "I'll pick you up at the hospital. You know your physical condition. Don't always go to the hospital. What if you are infected with bacteria? If you don't think about it for yourself, you should also think about the child, shouldn't you? "

Fiona kept silent for a long time and said bravely, "Okay, I'll discuss with him. He has a house in the Studio City."

"……" Vincent was pissed off and murmured, "Stupid woman!"

Fiona couldn't hear clearly, as the man in the bathroom called her again. She quickly said, "Vincent, I have something to do, so I have to hang up."


Looking at the phone that had been hung up, Vincent had an impulse to smash it. Who could tell him if they had divorced?

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