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   Chapter 160 Take Care

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Of course, Fiona thought the same, but she had to keep calm.

She smiled, "Life can't be perfect. If so, there will be no tragedy in the world. Well, I see that you are good at playing games. I won't compete with you in the future."

Otherwise, she would always lose.

'Is it so difficult to admit that you regret divorcing her?'

Jeremy's face darkened at once. He wanted to drive her away and didn't want to see her for the time being. But on second thought, letting her go was equivalent to giving her to Vincent.

He was angry with her now, but he could bear it.

This time, Jeremy stopped acting and put all his energy on work.

After two days of rest, the crew restarted. However, the absence of Rose also left a difficult problem for the crew. They had to find a person to be the leading actress. The director urgently convened a meeting, and they all agreed that Nancy was a good choice. Except for the two tickets of Fiona and Francis, all the tickets were passed.

Fiona didn't like Nancy.

"Are you unhappy, Fiona?"

"A little." She told Belinda everything in the past in detail. She sighed and said, "I don't think she is suitable."

It was not only that she didn't like Nancy, but also that according to the role, she was not suitable.

The reason why they chose her was that in addition to the fame of Rose, Nancy, who followed her closely, was the most suitable one.

It was undeniable that Nancy was hot, but she thought they should choose the right actress according to the script. She found that she could vote but she didn't have the right to decide anything.

Hearing that, Belinda got furious. "I always know that stars are difficult to deal with, but I didn't expect them to be so difficult to deal with. If she comes to the crew, what should you do? You are here to work, not to be bullied. "

After sending Rose away, another troublesome one came.

"Fiona, wait!"

Francis ran up to her and agreed with her. "I don't think Nancy is a good choice, too," he said

"But the result has come out. Everyone agrees."

"I'm the director. If I don't agree, there is still room for disc

she would slowly fade away her feelings.

Francis told her, "In fact, Jeremy is not as bad as I thought. Before I came to him, he refused to let Nancy act the heroine. It seems that he cares about you very much."

"I don't think so. He must have read the script and thought she was not suitable."


Francis sighed and wanted to say something, but he decided not to say it. There was no need. He had been out and could only be her friend. If he continued to say it, it would make himself more distressed.

After saying goodbye to Francis, Fiona came to the ward and heard that Jeremy was talking on the phone angrily, "I refuse her as the leading actress, okay? How can I take back my word? It's very kind of me that I haven't banned her because of what she has done. Don't contact me casually in the future. "

He wanted to smash his phone, but considering that Jack was still injured, he said with an unfriendly face, "Don't answer these messy calls in the future, or you will be responsible for the consequences."

Sweat trickled down Jack's forehead. He kept apologizing, "I'm sorry, Mr. Jeremy. They kept calling and wanted to talk to you."

"Get out."

"Okay, I'll go out now. Mr. Jeremy, don't be angry. My head is injured. I'm a little stuck in my thoughts recently." Jack took the initiative to sneak away.

When he went out and saw Fiona, he gave her a look to ask her to be careful.

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