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   Chapter 159 Know Him Well

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Jeremy stared at the expression on Fiona's face to see if she could watch so many people lose their jobs.

Fiona was in a dilemma.

Her mind was in a mess. She indeed didn't have any experience. Previously, it was Rose who invested in the company. In fact, she was confident, but at the same time, she was a little angry. She was jealous of her from the bottom of her heart, and wanted to see personally why she could be engaged to Jeremy.

In fact, she was not reconciled.

But now, Jeremy wanted to invest more, which meant that the project was more valued and the pressure was greater. In this case, she couldn't guarantee that she would be fully qualified.

"Think it over.

You don't even have confidence in your own play. If that's the case, I don't need to invest." Jeremy was stubborn. He wanted Fiona to stay. Did she know that he would invest because of her.

Fiona bit her lips and stood still numbly. After struggling for a long time, she pouted and said, "But I have no experience. I'm afraid that you will lose money."

Jeremy was so aggressive that he didn't give her a chance to refuse. "Whatever you think, I just want an answer."

"Then I'll think about it."

Fiona also liked this job and got along well with the crew in such a short time.

After thinking for a while, she nodded bravely, but added, "Don't blame me then."

He had so much money, so it didn't matter if this play could succeed.

Fiona stopped talking to him after she nodded. She sat on the chair, yawned and felt sleepy soon.


Jeremy put down the tablet PC and called her, but there was no response. He tiptoed to her and was about to hold her with his hands. He wanted to kiss her, but she suddenly opened her eyes.

It was too scary.

Jeremy fell to the ground as if he had done something wrong.

"What? What's wrong with you? "

She was shocked. His foot was injured and fell down again now. If it became more serious, he would have to rest for a period of time, and she had t

k in suits every day? How could he have time to play games?

He grabbed the phone and beckoned her, "Come here. Since you don't believe me, I'll play it for you."

Of course, Fiona didn't believe it. She was waiting for him to be humiliated.

This game was very popular at present. At the beginning, the role played by Jeremy was beaten. Fiona laughed loudly. She wanted to stop, but she could not help but laugh.

"I didn't mean to laugh. But you said you were awesome."

Liar, liar...

Jeremy became angry from embarrassment. He improved his skills quickly. Soon, he started to play more and more smoothly.

Fiona was stunned. Was this the difference between men and women?

When he started to play, he was obviously a green hand. But after a while, he began to show off.

She looked carefully at his real face, but it was the real him again.

Jeremy said proudly, "I won."

Fiona took the phone and saw that he became a MVP and he got the best result. It was unbelievable.

"Am I handsome?"

She had to tell the truth, "You are really handsome when you play games."

Jeremy sighed, "In fact, I know a lot, but we divorced before you have a chance to know me."

His tone was full of regret. He also hoped that Fiona could resonate with him. His meaning was clear enough that he still wanted to be with her.

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