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   Chapter 157 Frightened

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If Jeremy knew what Fiona was thinking, he would be distressed to death.

He had worked hard to make a plan, but now she thought it was Vincent. How could he not feel sad?

Of course, Jeremy, who was immersed in his dream, didn't know yet.

Fiona was sure that it was because of Vincent. After she changed her clothes, she decided to make it clear to him in person.

There was no result between her and him. She didn't want him to waste time.

She had decided to only live with her child in the future.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Vincent in a fashionable suit, young and energetic, just like a college student who had just graduated. She smiled and said, "Vincent, it's so early. Is there anything that I can do for you?"

"No. It's just..."

Vincent handed her the breakfast and said, "Have a good breakfast. Here are the steamed buns and soy milk I bought for you. They are still hot. Eat them while they are hot."

"In fact, there is a buffet breakfast in the hotel."

It tasted good. It was not necessary for him to bring her breakfast in person.

Vincent laughed wildly and touched her head. "Don't I know that? It's not good at all, just like something for pigs to eat. "

"I eat every day. Am I a pig in your eyes?"

After saying that, she smiled.

But Vincent couldn't smile. He was good at talking. Why did he stammer now? He was surprised by himself.

He said awkwardly, "No, how can you be a pig? I mean, the food in the hotel is not as delicious as that in the outside world. I've asked a lot of people and they all said that this steamed buns and soybean milk are the best in the world. "

Actually... There was no delicious food in the Studio City. Perhaps it was because she was pregnant that she had no appetite.

"Miss Fiona?"

Two well-dressed waiters in suits came over respectfully. They were pushing a trolley in their hands, and a variety of breakfast slowed down inside. They looked very exquisite, much better than the buffet breakfast.

'It's so strange. Why does the service in the hotel become so g

om Jeremy?" After saying that, Vincent wished he could slap himself two times.

He emphasized, "I mean, if, how could Jeremy be so kind?"

"I think so."

As soon as Fiona finished his words, Jeremy in the ward was awakened. In the dream, he was chased and cut by someone just now, which was very dangerous. Fortunately, he survived.

He wondered if someone was cursing him and cursing him to die?

Vincent didn't say anything more. "I know you can't let him go, but as you can see, you have divorced. You can't be happy if you insist on being together."

"I love him. I know I can't let him go, but I will try my best to let him go. I can't put him in danger."


Jeremy, a tall and strong man, would be in danger? Fiona thought too much, but he was not stupid enough to remind her. Instead, he echoed, "The mother and daughter of the Qiao family are indeed not to be trifled with."

But they were not that powerful. But they couldn't be underestimated, either.


Vincent was envious and jealous of Jeremy. It turned out that she was frightened so that she divorced him?

He couldn't stay calm anymore.

Fiona checked the time and got up in a hurry. "I'm going to the hospital to send food to him. He can't get used to the food in the hospital. If I don't go there on time, he will scold me."

"Fiona, are you sure that you have divorced?"

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