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   Chapter 156 Sympathy-getting Ploy

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Obviously, Vincent was here to give him a head-on blow. If he didn't resist and fell into the trap, he might never have a chance to be with Fiona for the rest of his life.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, reason prevailed.

All of a sudden, Jeremy regretted letting Fiona not come here tonight. If she were here, they would be able to get along with each other. But now he had to face this arrogant Vincent.

Vincent was irritated.

Indeed, what Jeremy said hurt him.

He hinted at Fiona in secret, but she didn't say anything, which meant that she might not love him at all.

Over the past more than 20 years, he had met a lot of women, but he had only fallen in love with Fiona.

"Jeremy, don't be too conceited. Even if she doesn't like me, do you think she still likes you? She is covered with bruises for you. She will never be with you in her life. Just give up. "

With him, he wouldn't let her jump into the fire pit.

"I have the confidence to get her back."

Jeremy said confidently, picturing the beautiful scene of them being together in his mind.

He wanted to be happy all his life, and she was indispensable.

When he was with her, he was really happy, feeling that he had the whole world. After divorce, his life was completely dark, like a walking dead.

He didn't want to live a life without soul.

Vincent squinted at him and said, "Okay, I'll wait."

He walked out of the ward angrily, picked up his mobile phone and called Richard. He said, "Grandpa, I want to pursue Fiona. Will you support me?"

Richard laughed, "I thought you wouldn't make a move."

"There's nothing I can do if I don't help her. I can't just stand by and watch her getting along well with Jeremy. You know, Fiona won't be happy with him." Vincent was filled with righteous indignation. He wished he could tear Jeremy apart and leave him alone in the world.

Richard kept silent for a long time and said slowly, "Vincent, you should know that he doesn't like you. Sometimes, even if you try ha

iness matter. After all, Rose was still in the hospital and was likely to face legal punishment. It was still a problem whether the TV series she invested could continue.

As for what to do next, Jeremy didn't give a specific resolution.

Jeremy glanced at him unhappily, "Is there a problem? Do you think I'm here to see you? "

Jack didn't dare to think so.

After returning to the ward, Jeremy immediately searched online. He had booked flowers and fruits and sent them to the hotel every day. As for the movie, there was a love movie, and it was commented well. They could also go to see it.

He found that there were still a lot of things between Fiona and him that had not been done together. It was a pity that they had divorced.

He thought he couldn't fall asleep, but actually he had a beautiful dream.


In the early morning, when Fiona got up and opened the door, she saw the smiling waitresses. With a puzzled look on her face, she watched them come in. They started to arrange flowers and fruits in a smooth way, and before leaving, she said politely, "Miss Fiona, wish you happy every day."

How sweet their mouths were.

Looking at the flowers and fruits, Fiona felt a little strange. She had lived in this hotel for a long time, but she didn't have this service before. How could she have it now?


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