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   Chapter 155 Stupid Woman

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Vincent rolled his eyes and said when he heard her words. "But what if it takes a long time for him to recover? What about your career? "

Should she take care of him all the time?

Vincent was confused.

Belinda lowered her head sadly. It was her fault. Taking care of him was actually her responsibility.

She plucked up her courage and said, "Fiona, Mr. Vincent, I will talk to Mr. Jeremy in person tomorrow. I will take care of him on behalf of Fiona."

"Belinda, it's none of your business. Don't blame yourself."

Fiona held her hand. She did it to save her.

Many things were destined and couldn't escape.

Moreover, in fact, she also enjoyed the precious time with Jeremy from the bottom of her heart. Although she knew that they would never be together in the future, at least it was a good time for her to recall.

Vincent was smart enough to figure out what was on her mind.

He wanted to wake her up, and he was so angry that he said, "Do you know what you are doing? It's not easy for you to let go of him, and you are still infatuated with him. Are you going to like him all your life? "

Fiona was in a panic and her heart was in a mess. To be exact, she didn't know what to do.

She only knew that she was at ease to stay with Jeremy. She wanted to be with him, but she couldn't be so selfish.

She would be a burden to him, not to mention that he deserved a better woman.

There would be a better woman for him. She had no chance at all.

Her tears streamed down her face. In a weak voice, she said, "Vincent, stop asking, okay?"

"Well, I'm defeated by you." What could Vincent say? She still liked Jeremy even if they divorced. She put him in her heart.

He had a long way to go to pursue her.

"Don't think about it anymore. You must be hungry. Go to eat something with me. You know that you are pregnant now and you have to take care of Jeremy. You are asking for trouble."

Finally, a smile appeared on Fiona's face. She

hat the Qiao family has gone. " Vincent said word by word sarcastically, "It's impossible for you to be with Fiona. Don't waste her time. If you still like her, let her start over."

She deserved a better man, even if not him.

Vincent was generous. He swore that he would look for a Mr. right for her, but it couldn't be Jeremy.

Because Jeremy didn't deserve it at all.

Jeremy smiled bitterly.

He asked him to let her start over. But what about him? Without her, his life would never be complete. He didn't want to let her go. He held his head in pain and said hysterically, "Do you think I don't want to let her go?"

He couldn't. She had been deeply rooted in his bones and could not be pulled out. He could only keep her in his heart for a lifetime.

"I believe that if you work harder, you can let go of her. Think about it. Torturing her like this is also torturing yourself."

Vincent patted him on the shoulder like a good friend to him.

Jeremy was a little older than him.

He regained his composure, slowly looked up at him and smiled, "Vincent, what right do you have to say this to me? Are you afraid? She doesn't like you at all. "

He didn't have much confidence before, but now his mind was enlightened.

He was more confident to get Fiona back because she still loved him.

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