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   Chapter 154 Know It Clearly

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Seeing Vincent and a shy nurse pushing a cart towards them, Belinda couldn't help laughing. "Mr. Vincent, don't be so ridiculous. Maybe Fiona and Mr. Jeremy are tired and have a rest."

"I don't trust him."

A man's heart was like a needle in the ocean. Never underestimate a man, let alone a young and promising man.

Jeremy was able to acquire the Fu family and the Qiao family at such a young age, which proved that he was not a simple man. Fiona was not a match for him. She would be bullied if they were together.

Vincent was furious.

If he had known it earlier, he would have come early to accompany her. She didn't know how much she had suffered from Jeremy.

The nurse was so obsessed that she followed Vincent's words and knocked on the door. "Mr. Jeremy, the medicine needs to be changed."

No one answered.

Both Vincent and Belinda were stunned. A few seconds later, a middle-aged woman in nurse uniform came over and scolded the nurse who made the decision. "Do you know who is inside? How dare you knock at the door? "

"I'm sorry, ma'am."

"Mr. Jeremy said they were resting, and we must wait for his arrangement."

The nurse was so scared that her face turned red and pale. She hurriedly followed the elder nurse away.

Belinda shrugged. Seeing Vincent's red face, she couldn't help laughing. "Mr. Vincent, let's wait. They can't sleep all day."

"What if they sleep together?"

Vincent doubted if it was appropriate for them to sleep together since they had divorced?

As a matter of fact, he didn't want to see Fiona fall into the trap of Jeremy again.

Belinda raised her hands and promised, "No, she won't. She told me that she wouldn't be with him."

"Well, that's good."

After hearing this, Vincent became very happy. He didn't want to disturb her sleep.

He indeed thought too much. Making a clean break with Jeremy meant that she was trying to let go of this relationship. This was a good sign. Perhaps she would pluck up the courage to accept another man in the future.

As long as he worked hard in silence, he would

Since Vincent came in, he kept looking at Jeremy. When he saw his leg in plaster, he suddenly felt that Belinda was very valiant. How could she hurt one of his legs? It would be better for him to stay in the hospital for a lifetime with complete paralysis.

Jeremy knew that Vincent was looking at him up and down. He said coldly, "I have to rest. You can go out now."

"That's exactly what I want. Jeremy, I'll find someone to take care of you tomorrow. I promise you'll be satisfied."

Jeremy looked at Fiona and asked, "Looking for someone else?"

Fiona held Vincent's hand and said, "Vincent, I promised to take care of Mr. Jeremy until he recovers. You don't need to find anyone else."

"But you need someone to take care of you instead of taking care of others. Do you know..."

Seeing the worried look on her face, Vincent realized that he almost said something wrong.

Fortunately, she didn't tell him. Otherwise, the relationship between them would be in chaos again.

It was not a bad thing. It wouldn't take a long time for Jeremy to recover.

After saying goodbye, Fiona, Vincent and Belinda walked out of the hospital together. Vincent asked, "Are you still going to stay in the Studio City? If you need investment, I can... "

"No, thanks. I don't have to stay here. I will decide after he recovers."

They all knew that he was referring to Jeremy.

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