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   Chapter 152 The Epiphany

Flash Marriage: My Mysterious Man By Lu Manman Characters: 6575

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If she could make a comeback, Rose would try to let go of her obsession with Jeremy. In this world, many things could not succeed even by efforts.

She envied Fiona for getting what she longed for all her life so easily.

Both Lily and Jason were stunned.

It never occurred to them that it was Rose who spoke.

"Dad, mom, please leave me alone here. Don't do anything stupid for me, okay?"

Rose cried bitterly. At this moment, she just wanted her parents to have a peaceful life. It was still unknown whether she could get out of here or not.

"Really. Dad, mom, I know I was wrong. You can go now. I will ask Jeremy not to hold you accountable..."

Jeremy interrupted her, "Why should I promise you? Rose, I have made it clear to you from the very beginning that I won't fall in love with you. We just take what we need. "

It was she who had gone too far, and now, he couldn't bear the bitterness she had committed.

He was narrow-minded.

He was so stingy that he could only tolerate the woman he liked, and he didn't want to waste any time on others, because it was not worth it.

With a painful look on her face, Rose said, "Jeremy, my parents saved you before. Can't you forgive us for this? I swear I will try my best to let go of my feelings for you. "

Even if it was painful, she had to take this step. She didn't want to see her parents suffer for her again.

Her head was buzzing and many scenes appeared.

All the scenes that she was desperate for.

She had worked hard to get his love, but she was refused again and again.

She was almost numb, but there was a voice in her heart telling her not to give up. Maybe if she insisted, she would see hope. That was why she insisted.

Those pictures were mocking her, telling her how stupid she had been in the past.

With the determination to die, she begged, "Jeremy, really. I will keep my words. Can you promise me to let go of my parents? We have come to this point. I do

her child. It was easy to make money. Moreover, they were not really down and out. It was easy for them to make a comeback.

But Fiona didn't know that. She thought that the Qiao family had lost everything.

"It doesn't matter. Trust me. I'm the one grandpa has chosen for you. I promise to meet your requirements. I can make money, love you and take care of the baby..."

Vincent listed a lot of advantages, which amused Fiona.

"Vincent, stop kidding me."

"My feet hurt!"

Hearing the sound from the bed, Fiona immediately went over and carefully checked, "Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

"Of course I feel uncomfortable."

Jeremy was annoyed. Vincent was such a glib man. But Fiona smiled because of him just now.

He couldn't stand it.

He hung up her phone angrily. "Push me to the doctor's office for examination. I feel very uncomfortable today. I may have been frightened."

Be frightened?

It was not easy to bully her, but when she saw his painful expression, she knew. Anyway, the injury on his feet would recover sooner or later, and they would return to their respective positions sooner or later. They would never intersect with each other again. It was better to cherish some time.

With an impatient look on his face, Jeremy asked unwillingly, "Don't you believe me?"

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