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   Chapter 150 Is It Interesting

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Although Jason and Lily didn't want to face Jeremy, they had no choice. They couldn't escape.

It was all Rose's fault.

Over the years, she had been so stubborn that she didn't listen to anyone's advice. She just focused on Jeremy.

When Lily saw Jeremy, she smiled kindly and said, "Jeremy, I heard that your leg was injured. Are you feeling better?"

"Thank you for your concern. You don't have to say too much. I think you can guess why I want to meet you."

Jeremy didn't want to waste time with them, so he came to the point.

Jason smiled awkwardly.

As a father, he knew it was his responsibility that Rose became like this. However, now it was too late for him to teach her, so he had to bite the bullet.

"Jeremy, although Rose's behavior is a little extreme, she is not a bad person."

"Oh? Not a bad person? Look at my assistant. What did she do to him? Your daughter is important to you. My assistant also has parents. He is important to them, too. "

It was rare for Jeremy to speak for Jack, who was so moved that he almost burst into tears.

With a runny nose and tearful eyes, he said, "Mr. Jeremy, I will work hard for you in the future. Don't worry."

"Have a good rest first."

Back to the point, Jeremy said solemnly again, "I want to cancel the engagement."

"Well..." Jason couldn't think of any reason to refuse him.

Lily interrupted him, "Jeremy, it's not appropriate to cancel the engagement at this time. Rosa has done something wrong, but it hasn't been exposed to the public, which has no impact on your reputation. We have watched you grow up. Can you stop being so cruel to Rose? You know, she has been loving you all these years. "

"No need."

Jeremy didn't need such love.

Fortunately, it was Jack. If it were Fiona, he would never forgive himself all his life.

He regretted that he cooperated with Rose.

He motioned for Jack, who handed over the statement obediently. "You can have a look at it. I will compensate your family as much as I can


My fiance is Jeremy. None of you can afford to offend him."

Her words were harsh to hear. In the past, Jack had been deceived by her. He sympathized her. He even sighed for her when he knew that Jeremy and Fiona were married.

Now he found that his sympathy was worthless.

As soon as Jeremy entered the room, Rose's face was immediately filled with joy. She combed her hair with her hands at a loss, wiped her face and asked excitedly, "Jeremy, you're here to see me."

"Your parents asked me to come."

Jeremy was expressionless. This was the price of breaking off the engagement. He agreed with pleasure, or he would never come here.

Rose's hands were handcuffed and felt a little uncomfortable. She shook them and complained tearfully, "Jeremy, can you let them let me go?"

"Let you go? If you want to go to jail, I don't mind. "

Because it was found that she was insane and didn't need to be in jail. Otherwise, she could go to jail because of intentional injury.

At this time, Jason and Lily came in. Carrying bags in their hands, the two of them could still smile.

Jeremy had a bad feeling.

"Mr. Jeremy!"

Jack called out. When Jeremy turned around, he found that he had been taken away.

Holding the wheelchair vigilantly, Jeremy asked seriously, "Is it interesting? What the hell are you doing? "

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