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   Chapter 149 Well Prepared

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In a daze for a while, Fiona couldn't figure it out, but Jeremy stretched out his hand and touched her body.

She was startled and tried to break away from his arms, but was held more tightly by him. She was burning with anger. "What do you want to do?"

"Are you fine?"

Jeremy anxiously wanted to check her until he was sure that she was ok.

Jack was too unreliable. He asked him to talk with Rose, he would almost killed by her. If he implicated Fiona, ten lives would not be enough for him to repay.

Fiona was confused, "Mr. Jeremy, shouldn't you care about Jack?"

She was fine and he didn't need to worry about her.

Jeremy put his hand away and said in a low and displeased voice, "Do you think I want to care about you? I'm afraid that no one will take care of me if you get hurt. "

Fiona had thought that he still cared about her and she felt happy. But actually he only cared about himself.

In fact, she should have known that it was difficult to get back the feelings of the past after the two people divorced.

She sighed silently, poured him a glass of water and said seriously, "I'm fine. But Jack, I was scared at that time. He bled a lot."

Jeremy thought to himself, 'Jack, how dare you make Fiona worry about you? Damn it!'

Jack sneezed in the next ward. Someone must be scolding him.

He kept complaining. He had been injured and sent to the hospital. It was already pathetic enough. And he had to be scolded. His life was so miserable.

Of course, Jeremy didn't know this, because his thoughts were all affected by Fiona. He looked at her carefully, wishing to see through her.

"Why are you looking at me?"

It was so uncomfortable.

Jeremy didn't want to hide anything, so he said straightforwardly, "I'm not suitable for Rose. I'll break off the engagement with her."

Would she be happy?

He was nervous, staring at all the expressions on her face secretly, but it seemed that she was not happy.

He smiled bitterly, "Do you think I am a good match for Rose? Tell me not to break off t

his stomach and said, "Jack, I have a stomachache and may not be able to go."

Jack looked at them coldly. It was impossible for them to get away this time, especially after he was hit by their beloved daughter.

Since they didn't even apologize to him, Jack would not forgive them.

If Jeremy wants to break off the engagement with Xu family, he would agree with both hands.

He said directly, "You know what Rose has done. The news has been suppressed. It's for your sake, or not only Rose, but also your family will be involved. Go in and prepare yourself. Mr. Jeremy has something to tell you."

Jack looked at his watch and said, "I'll give you two minutes. Mr. Jeremy doesn't have much time."

Seeing the door closed, Lily became more flustered. "It's all your fault. You are so incompetent. If you had run well, my daughter wouldn't have been wronged like this."

"Can you be reasonable? Forget it. It's a waste of time. The most important thing is to think about how to deal with Jeremy. "

Without him, the Xu family would soon disappear.

They all needed him.

Lily whispered in Jason's ear.

Jason's face turned pale with fright. "No. If Jeremy finds out, we will all be in trouble."

They couldn't afford the consequences.

Lily said confidently, "As long as Jeremy can go to see Rose, I have the ability to handle everything."

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