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   Chapter 147 A Perfect Match

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'Who do you think you are?' Jack was furious. If it weren't for the sake of the Xu family's kindness to Jeremy, he wouldn't have suffered this.

What's more, Jeremy was trying to repay the Xu family's kindness and he had done a lot.

The phone rang again. It was Rose.

Jack said impatiently, "Miss Rose, it was you who called me and hung up the phone. Tell me, what on earth do you want to do?"

He didn't have so much time to deal with her.

"Jack, can you help me plead with Jeremy? I will behave myself and won't yell at you in the future. Don't worry. I can give you whatever you want... "

Even the body.

Now, Rose didn't care about anything. The only thing she cared about was Jeremy. She just wanted to try her best to stay with him.

Jack was very tired because she still didn't understand after he explained to her for a long time. He didn't want to waste time anymore.

"I'm sorry, Miss Rose. I'm very busy with my work. I don't want to talk about these meaningless things."

This time, Jack hung up the phone in an arrogant manner.

Then he silently sent a message to report the situation to Jeremy.

In the hospital, when Jeremy saw his phone light up, he ignored it. No matter what happened, he couldn't be disturbed at the moment. They were so affectionate and peaceful.


The woman in her sleep muttered uncomfortably.

Jeremy put his hand on her head mechanically. Fortunately, she didn't have a fever. He pressed her temples and felt relieved when he saw her frowning gradually.

He was really a loser. She was so cold to him, but he was still loyal to her. He couldn't live without her.

At this moment, he finally made up his mind to get her back at any price.


When Fiona woke up, she found that she was in Jeremy's arms. She didn't remember what happened.

Although she did it lightly, she still woke up Jeremy.

He rubbed his eyes and arms, "I didn't expect that your assistant bullied me, and even you bullied me."

Hearing this, Fiona's face flushed with shyness and embarrassment. She lowered her eyes and said shyly,

l by her side.

The group of people outside the film set couldn't go in for a long time. Looking at the time, Fiona found that an hour had passed. Was the film still on?

On the film set, Rose punched Jack. She roared like a shrew, "I won't agree. Get out. I will definitely ask Jeremy to fire you."

"Is it interesting? You have no idea who Mr. Jeremy likes. "

She always pursued something that didn't belong to her. Wouldn't her conscience hurt?

Love was not possession, but letting go.

However, her love was not called love, and even her relationship with Jeremy could not be described as love.

"Jeremy likes me. Jack, I believe you are not blind. He is engaged to me. We will get married in the future." As long as she had hope, she would have a chance.

Jack had no strength to explain. There were a pile of pieces of paper on the ground, but he had been prepared and continued to take out the statement. She didn't want to read it.

No one could change the decision of Jeremy.

"Miss Rose, I have conveyed Mr. Jeremy's thought. As for whether you accept it or not, it's up to you."

Jack didn't know what to do and had to dodge. The eyes of Rose wanted to kill him right away.

Rose squatted down and silently picked up a board with her hand. With an evil light flashing in her eyes, she asked in a deep voice, "Jack, do you think Jeremy and I are a perfect match?"

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