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   Chapter 143 Be Confident In Her Charm

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"Doctor, how is he?"

Her heart was trembling when she asked this question. She was not afraid of taking the responsibility, but she was afraid that something bad would happen to Jeremy.

She couldn't wait to get the answer. The person pushed out by the nurse behind her had a gloomy face and said coldly, "He won't die in a short time."

"Are you okay?"

Trembling with fear, Fiona walked over and put her hands on his wheelchair. Seeing his pale face, she was at a loss at what to say.

The doctor lied seriously, "The patient's leg is seriously injured. It would be fine if he fell down lightly, but it happened to hurt the vital part."

"Can he still walk?"

Jeremy was unhappy. Of course he could walk. Did she want to curse him not to walk for the rest of his life?

"It depends on his recuperation. Many things are uncertain."

The doctor didn't mean to lie. After all, he had no choice but to take this step because of the threat from Jeremy.

Afraid of saying too much, the doctor made an excuse to make the rounds of the wards and left quickly.

Jeremy said to the nurse politely, "You can go ahead with your work and tell me where the ward is."

The nurse replied with a smile.

Staring at the dull look on Fiona's face, Jeremy asked sternly, "Your person hurt me. Are you going to leave me in the hospital like this?"

"No, I won't."

"Then how can you make up for me?"

Jeremy was looking forward to it and pleased in his heart. Since he couldn't let her go, he would seize the opportunity to keep her. Even if she had become someone else's woman, he wouldn't mind.

"I will take care of you until you recover," Fiona said in a low voice after she considered for a while.

Jeremy agreed with her, "Okay. That's what you said. You keep your word."

After returning to the ward, Jeremy didn't let Belinda in. Instead, he closed the door first and pressed the recording button. "I'm a businessman. You must have evidence to prove what you have done. You can swear."

"I swear I will take care of you until you recover."

"Yes, it's a deal."

Pointing at the wheelchair, Jeremy ordered, "Put me on t

man would not refuse her request. She waited for Francis to said yes to her.

Francis was indeed thinking about her suggestion.

She thought he was a man of integrity, but she didn't expect him to be so tempted. She laughed, "Francis, wish us a pleasant cooperation in advance."

"Who said I would cooperate with you?" It was hard to guess women's minds, especially for vicious women like Rose.

"So you mean..."

"I mean you won't get Jeremy's love all your life. Just give up. You won't have a chance."

Francis left. But suddenly he felt a warm body approaching him. He was shocked.

Rose whispered in his ear, "If you say that Jeremy doesn't like me, what about you?"

"Let me go."

Rose knew that there was no one else here, so she acted more presumptuously. She wanted to see how self-control the man who liked Fiona was. She believed in her own charm.

Ray was obsessed with her, and Francis, a young man who just stepped from school, was even more obsessed with her.

She continued to kiss Francis's neck and asked frivolously, "Do you really have no interest in me? Ha ha ha!"

She smiled secretly and thought, 'If I don't let Francis to be obsessed with me today, my name won't be Rose.'

"Rose, calm down. Look, I'm not Jeremy!"

Francis almost yelled out. At this time, he just wanted to ask Jeremy why Fiona couldn't compare with Rose. He thought that Jeremy was really a complete bastard.

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