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   Chapter 142 Take The Responsible To The End

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Fiona's face suddenly turned pale. She stepped away, trying to stay away from Jeremy who was wearing the extremely cold expression, but the latter was approaching. She felt that she was exposed in front of him, and there was no room for her to hide.

Her breath was in disorder. She asked stiffly, "What do you want to do? I'm fine."

"Come with me."

Jeremy intended to hold her hand.

He had a faint guess in his heart. Just before the divorce, they had dreamed of having the child of their love. At this moment, how he hoped that there was a little baby of him in her belly.

Fiona shook off his hand with the other hand and answered him righteously, "Mr. Fu, your fiancee is also in the restaurant. It's not good for you to be so close to me. Even if you don't consider your face, you have to consider Miss Xu's face, right?"

Jeremy glared at her, "It's none of your business."

"I have no right to consider your business, so you have no right to consider mine. Let me go. I don't want everyone to misunderstand me." Fiona tried to make a clean line with herself and Jeremy and hoped that he could let her go.

She finally decided to give up their love and hoped him to be happy after a hard struggle.

"Don't forget that I'm the investor. As soon as I give the order, you can't stay in the crew!"


He was too evil.

What else could he do except threatening?

This time, Fiona insisted on not going with him. The baby in her belly was Jeremy's and could not be found out by him. Fiona was not afraid that Jeremy could it the most, and the most important thing was that she was afraid that that mother and daughter of the Qiao family would do something bad to her if they found out.

The Qiao family, which had been guarded well, could be bullied by that mother and daughter. She couldn't leave any possibility to give them any longer.

"Are you not leaving?"

Jeremy held her up horizontally and said with a smile, "You have lived a good life without me. You have gained a lot of weight."

'Damn it!

How could he say that a woman has gained a lot of weight?

She is not gaining any weight at all, actually!' Fiona said to herself in her mind. Belinda also said every day that her weight did not seem to be pregnant, and pregnant people should gain weight.

She retorted confidently, "I'm not gaining weight at


"Then you can try to get up."

If he wanted to prove himself to have the strength..

Jeremy pointed at his leg and said, "I sprained it."

Belinda's face turned pale with fright. She hurried over and looked at him carefully. She was as anxious as a child who had done something wrong. "Mr. Jeremy, I didn't mean to do that. You shouldn't have pestered Fiona."

"Why are you still defending yourself after you hurt me?" Jeremy took out his phone, as if he was going to call the police.

"Wait! Don't call the police!"

Fiona gritted her teeth and said, "I'll take you to the hospital."

Jeremy snorted and seemed unsatisfied, "If this is the compensation in the future, I won't accept it. Do you know how much I make every minute? I have a few meetings to attend. Can I go back now?"

Upon hearing this, both Fiona and Belinda felt guilty.

Fiona sighed and asked, "Then what on earth do you want to do?"

"Take me to the hospital."

"I didn't mean that I wouldn't take you to the hospital. I promise that I will not only take you to the hospital, but also compensate for your medical fees. Don't worry. We dare to take the responsibility!"

Fiona said in an impassioned tone. She wanted to be frank so that Jeremy could see that she was not the one who dared not to take the responsibility. On the contrary, she would be responsible to the end.

After he was sent to the hospital for examination, Fiona looked at the doctor expectantly, but why was the doctor wearing a helpless expression on the his face? Was Jeremy seriously injured?

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