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   Chapter 140 Helpless

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Seeing that the two men wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, Fiona guessed what happened.

She took out a piece of tissue and wiped the blood from the corner of Francis's eyes. "You are too old to fight. How childish you are!"

"I have no choice. Men sometimes have to solve problems with fists."

Francis said calmly. Jeremy was beaten badly, so Francis finally vented his anger..

"Have you solved it?"

Seeing that Francis was silent, Fiona also began to be silent. After a long time, Fiona opened her mouth and said disappointedly, "Francis, I'm over with him. You don't have to do anything for me in the future. I already have a man I love. He said that he would come to see me in the next two days."


Francis was surprised. At first, he thought it was a joke made by Jeremy, but to Francis's surprise, it turned out to be true.

It was not because of Rose, but because of another man. It was Fiona who wanted to a divorce.

It happened in such a short time and Francis was caught off guard and didn't know how to accept it.

With a pale face, he asked in disbelief, "Are you kidding me, Fiona? Why is it so sudden?"

With a relaxed smile at the corners of her mouth, she said, "No, it's not all of a sudden. Love comes so fast, and sometimes it's unexpected. He's very good to me. My grandfather's operation was very successful, and he's helping me take care of him."


"I know what you mean, but I'm not kidding. I do have someone I love now."

Francis couldn't accept what Fiona said. He roared in pain and ran out immediately.

After so many things happened, Fiona fell in love with someone else. Did it mean that if he had tried harder, he might be able to get her love?

This was a good signal. It was good that she didn't love Jeremy anymore. He had to work hard to prove that he still had a chance.

The confidence he had just lost suddenly rose from Francis' heart.

Seeing that Jeremy was still lying on the ground, Fiona walked up to him kindly and asked, "Do you need me to call your fiancee? I think she should be looking forward to helping you with your wounds."

"Were you telling the truth a moment ago, Fiona?"

eremy, why do you think I'm with Vincent for money? Do you think I'm a woman who will do anything for money?"

"Okay, you forced me."

She took the initiative to kiss him, with determination. After loosening her grip on the stunned man, she asked in disdain, "How much do you think this kiss is worth?"


He didn't want to see her suffer like this.

Jeremy let go of her and kept a distance from her. Her face was still the same as before, but he felt that her heart didn't belong to him anymore.

She was out of her mind. "Okay, you can go now. I'm sorry."

"Well, don't let my fiance misunderstand me in the future. It's not easy for me to work for Rose." She didn't want to be hated by Rose, so she believed that this play would be finished soon, and they should go back to their original positions and start a new life.

Before walking out of the room, she was reluctant to leave, but she had to pretend to be heartless. "Goodbye, Jeremy. I hope we will never see each other again."

She ran quickly back to her room and cried out loud.

Her heart ached.

Belinda was startled. She was playing the game. She dropped her phone immediately and patted her on the back. "What's wrong? Didn't you sleep well just now? What did you do just now? "

"It's over. Jeremy and I are over. We will never have a chance to be together again."

She threw herself on Belinda. She was not reconciled, but she could do nothing. SHe was really helpless.

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