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   Chapter 138 His Sarcasm

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Fiona looked at Rose coldly. How could she be jealous? How could she still think that she had a chance? Was it all written on her face? Rose's eyes were so sharp.

She shrugged and said unhappily, "I'm just passing by."

"Aren't you here for Jeremy?"

Rose was aggressive and unreasonable.

Fiona didn't know that Jeremy lived here. When she walked into the elevator, she happened to pass by, but she was not that scheming.

"Miss Rose, since you want me to see Mr. Jeremy so much, I will go to see him." 'You think I am easy to be bullied by you like before.'

It was not easy to bully her.

"How dare you!"

Rose's face darkened.

She stood in front of the door, as if no one could open it.

"Miss Rose, you are my boss now. I don't dare to go against you. Besides, I have a sense of shame."

It was easy for her to figure out that she didn't want to make trouble. She came to work just for money.

As for Jeremy, she knew that he would never belong to her in this life. She had been well prepared. Although she was reluctant to leave him, she had to give up something that didn't belong to her.

There had always been a huge gap between her and Jeremy.

She didn't dare to expect anything.

Rose regained her momentum. She raised the corners of her mouth awkwardly and covered it up randomly. "I'm really sorry. As you know, the status of Jeremy has risen greatly, and many women want to be with him. As his fiancee, for our happiness, I have to be vigilant."

The two words "we" were harsh.

Fiona took a deep breath, "I can understand. By the way, Miss Rose, I'm sorry. I didn't feel well last night. I overslept today."

"It doesn't matter. Anyway, it's a good chance for me to have an intimate time with Jeremy."

Rose pretended to be shy, as if something really happened between her and Jeremy.

Fiona clenched her fists in silence, "So you actually should thank me?"

"Yes, you are right. You are not feeling well. Go back to have a rest. I will continue to talk about the wedding with Jeremy." In fron

dejected that her eyes lit up when she saw something free?

Even if she knew it was Rose, she still worked for her with determination? Was she living such a miserable life? Maybe she did it for him.

Hope gradually lit up in his body.

But he seemed to have forgotten his sneer at Fiona just now.

Fiona was so angry that her chest was burning with anger. She handed the food on the plate to Jeremy indignantly, "Yes, I can't afford it. I can only afford free food, but the arrogant Mr. Jeremy, why do you come to eat free food with us? It doesn't seem to fit your identity. "

Jeremy was pleased with himself. He placed the dishes on the plate and said, "Isn't this your treat? I have to enjoy it. "

Feeling indignant, Fiona turned her face aside and said, "Whatever. You can eat what you want and you can say what you like. It's none of my business."

Francis tried to communicate with Jeremy, but was pushed away by him.

He looked down at the breakfast on the plate and said, "It seems that Francis still doesn't know you well. He doesn't even know what you like to eat."

"It's none of your business." Fiona held Francis's hand on purpose and said, "Francis, I like the dishes you brought. Can you bring me more? I'm a little tired. "

She was tired of being angry with Jeremy. They had divorced. Was it necessary for him to sneer at her?

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