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   Chapter 136 Still Like Her

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Jeremy continued to walk towards the washroom. As soon as he arrived, he saw that Fiona just came out of the washroom and vomited. Her face was abnormally red.

She wiped her face with a tissue.

"You feel wronged?" Jeremy asked coldly.

Fiona was puzzled. How could she feel wronged?

She was furious, "Jeremy, if you have time, you'd better teach your fiancee's assistant more. It's none of your business."

"Well, we can still be friends even if we are not a couple anymore."

Be friends? Was it possible? Fiona didn't believe it. Besides, Rose wouldn't give them the chance.

Since they had divorced, she had to draw a clear line between them. It was good to everyone.

Fiona didn't want to talk to him because she was afraid that she would be pissed off. In view of her current situation, she thought it was not appropriate for her to be angry. "I'm sorry. I have to go now."

"It's the break time of the crew."

"Sure enough, you care about Miss Rose very much. You even found out the rest time of the crew. In that case, you can accompany her. I won't let her down since she appreciated me and became the scriptwriter of this play."

"Yes, you should work hard."

Jeremy nodded in agreement.

Fiona shrugged her shoulders and thought, 'did you come here in person to threaten me for Rose?'

She wanted to leave, but was stopped by him. She was so angry that her face turned red. "Get out of the way."

Why was he in her way?

Shouldn't she go to accompany Rose?

Fiona tried again, but was still stopped by Jeremy. She trembled with anger, "As you said, we can't be a couple, but we can also be friends. What do you want to do?"

Jeremy silently took out a tissue and wiped her face, "There is water on your face."

Her face was a little red and she quickly reached out to wipe it. Indeed, the water was not dry.

"Thank you."

After saying that, she pushed him away and left immediately.

When she returned to her seat and sat down, her heart was still beating violently, and her face seemed to be still warm. She must be crazy. She couldn't miss him anymore. He was someone else's man, and he didn't belong to her anymore

pretend to be innocent in front of her? She would not be moved. They had just divorced, and he had been engaged to Rose as soon as possible. His love for her was just so so, but she still had him in her heart...

It was not worth mentioning. If she was with him, she would indeed be a burden to him, not like Rose, who at least had family background and ability.

She couldn't compare with her.

She just wanted to silently look at him, and there would be no intersection between them.

Jeremy didn't say anything. After walking far away, Belinda asked suspiciously, "Oh my God, I just saw sadness on Jeremy's face. Does he still like you?"

"I don't know."

She didn't want to know. She might go back to reunite with Richard after work.

'Who knows.'

"But I'm quite envious of them. The night snack was indeed very rich." Belinda pouted her mouth with an envious look.

"Let's go to eat." Fiona also wanted to eat something.

Belinda smiled and asked, "Really?"

Fiona smiled and nodded.

Walking to a familiar yet strange night market, she once went shopping with Jeremy. Now, it was like a dream.

"It must be delicious, Fiona." Belinda grew up abroad. She was curious about everything in the night market.

"You buy to eat. I can't eat."

A faint voice came, "Why can't you eat it?"

Jeremy suddenly appeared and looked at the stunned Fiona. He also remembered that she liked eating sugar-coated haws before.

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