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   Chapter 135 Fiance

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Fiona didn't care whether she would meet Jeremy or not. She just wanted to seek justice for Belinda.

Besides, she didn't have to feel guilty. After they divorced, they had nothing to do with each other. If he wanted to stand up for his fiancee, he could do it.

Rose's attitude was tough, and Lydia was disheartened. She picked up the fruits stained with dust with her dull hand, held back her tears and ate it slowly.

Over the years, she had never been humiliated like this. She swore that one day she would let these two bitches pay for their sins.

As Jeremy was there, Rose was not sure whether he could see Fiona or not. She just wanted to settle the matter peacefully and kindly said to her, "Lydia is thoughtless. Please let her go for my sake. My fiance has finally come here. I don't want him to see it."

"We will forgive her if she apologizes."

Fiona still said that. Lydia ate the fruits but didn't say sorry. She refused.

"Okay, okay. Lydia, apologize now."

Lydia was so weak that big teardrops fell into the box. Her voice was as low as mosquitoes. "I'm sorry."

Fiona made a gesture, "Sorry, it's too low. Neither my assistant nor I can hear it."

Outside, she called Belinda as her assistant.

"I'm sorry."

She apologized loudly this time.

Fiona stopped pestering and took Belinda back for lunch.

Jeremy heard a quarrel over there, but he couldn't see clearly because he was surrounded by a group of people. He vaguely heard Fiona's voice, then he smiled bitterly. She admitted that she was with Vincent, and that man wouldn't let her suffer losses.

The food in his mouth tasted bad, so he put down his chopsticks.

Rose came late. Seeing that Jeremy had already stood up, she quickly pulled him and said in a flattering tone, "Jeremy, eat more. You have come all the way here. You must be very tired. There is something wrong with the crew and I have solved it. It's not easy to deal with people these days. I really admire your ability to deal with everything well in the company."

These words fully showed her hardworking attitude, and from the other

Jeremy knew that he would never love Rose in his life, so he'd better warn her in advance.

Pretending to be careless, Jeremy said casually, "I think your project is good. I will inspect it myself and invest."


Rose's eyes lit up. This was an excellent news. At least in front of the outside world, Jeremy invested in her TV series. They were closely connected, and at least they could maintain the sweetness in front of the outside world.

Jeremy nodded.

In the limo, Jeremy was in a dilemma. Not long after, he took the initiative to get off the car. Rose quickly followed him and asked, "Where are you going?"

"Should I report to you about anything?"


Jeremy reminded her, "Don't follow me."

Rose said cautiously, "Jeremy, can you tell me where you are going?" She only wanted an answer, as long as he didn't go to find Fiona.

Jeremy looked at her coldly, "To the bathroom."

"Ok. I'll wait for you in the limo."

It turned out that he just went to the bathroom. Rose was relieved.

Jeremy found the direction of the bathroom, slowed down and walked over. His eyes looked calm, but he was looking for her.

Where did she go? Did she cry somewhere?

Jeremy realized that he was really hopeless. Maybe she went to complain to Francis in tears. How could there be no man around her?

Damn it! He thought too much and thought she needed comfort.

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