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   Chapter 131 Not Reconciled

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Although she knew it was impossible, she still asked this question. Her heart was trembling, and she was looking forward to it, and at the same time, she was afraid. How good would it be if Jeremy coaxed her.

Jeremy didn't say anything and handed her a document indifferently.

"Rose, I have told you that our relationship will not change after the engagement. Please sign this contract."

"What contract?"

Rose took it numbly. The moment she saw it, she got cold in her heart.

He was trying to make a clean break with her.

She really wanted to tear it up. She tried her best to resist this impulse and was very confused. "Jeremy, we are engaged. Is it necessary to make it so clear?"

She also wanted to win his heart back by hard work.


Jeremy told her clearly that he had cut off all her thoughts.

"Okay. If this is what you want and can make you happy, I'll sign it. I'm sure no one in the world knows you better than me and loves you more."

Rose wanted to show her heart to him. She loved him and hoped to have a chance to stand by his side.

Jeremy smiled and teased, "Really? But it is said that you have a deep relationship with Ray. I won't interfere in your life, Rose. Our engagement will last for half a year, and it will be terminated automatically after half a year. "


What else could she do except agree?

She was too surprised to say a word. She had never expected that Jeremy would investigate her relationship with Ray. She must have been out of her mind yesterday and asked him to do the whole thing.

She was so stupid.

Rose explained in a hurry, "Jeremy, we are just good friends. We..."

"I don't care about your business. After signing the contract, I will sponsor your company to get rid of the crisis. This is your compensation."

"What's wrong with my family?"

Rose had been filming these years, so she knew little about her family.

"Since you can ask Ray to help you frame up Jack, you can also ask him about your family. He has been in charge of the investment of your family these years."

Rose was completely stunned. She had been cold since she came out of the villa.

She ca

At the grand engagement ceremony, when she saw the news, her heart was like being pricked by a needle. She had been looking forward to her wedding with him. But there was no chance to achieve it.

It was all over.

Belinda was in a dilemma. "But what if you meet Jeremy's fiancee?"

"It doesn't matter. It shouldn't be such a coincidence. I'll go to negotiate first. We'll see if it's possible or not. Don't worry. And don't call me Miss. There is no Qiao family anymore. If you..."

'Belinda is still young. With such a bright smile, she should have a better life.'.

She hurried to stop her, "Miss, no, Miss Fiona, you can't drive me away. I'm a member of the Qiao family, and I'm a ghost of the Qiao family. I'll be with you all my life."

"I'm just kidding. You can go back with me after grandfather's surgery."

"Really?" Belinda couldn't believe her ears.

Fiona nodded with a smile.

Richard's operation was scheduled tonight. Fiona was well prepared for the successful operation. She believed in Albert's medical skills.

After waiting for more than 10 hours, the operation was very successful.

When they came out, Richard was sober. He reached out his hand, which was immediately held by Fiona. "Grandpa, I'm here."

"Fiona, go and do what you want to do."

Most of the time, Richard's heart was as clear as a mirror. He didn't want to be a burden to Fiona, and he also knew that she couldn't forget that man.

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