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   Chapter 119 No Chance

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"Are you sure to get in? How about another day?"

When Fiona and Jeremy came out of the hospital, in a trance, she was taken to a clothing store by him. She helped him choose clothes and changed off the courier's suit. At the moment, he looked like a real man, but Richard would not forgive him in a short time.

Richard often tried to set her up with Vincent.

She asked tentatively whether he was embarrassed as she didn't want to him felt uneasy in front of Richard.

Jeremy touched her head and said, "Don't think too much. It was my fault before. I didn't protect you well. Don't worry. No matter what Grandpa does to me, I won't say anything."

He smiled and said, "My wish is to be with you forever. If I don't show my attitude, your grandfather and Vincent will take action."

"But I only love you."

replied Fiona subconsciously.

She loved him with all her heart.

She wouldn't be with another man.

"Say it again."

Jeremy's voice was full of excitement, as if he was eager to go in at once.

"I love you." After saying that, she covered her mouth and found that she was showing her feelings too much.

She pouted and said unhappily, "You always bully me. This sentence is not very pleasant to hear. Many women must have said it to you."

"But I only like to listen to you."

His voice was magnetic and gentle, which struck her heart. Although she had been with him for a long time, she still couldn't stand it.

Jeremy pulled her out of the car and said, "You have to face it sooner or later. It's better to take advantage of it today. I know you are worried about me, but you should have confidence in your husband."

He needed her support.

No matter what difficulties ahead, he could go through it as long as she supported him.

The phone rang.

He hung up the phone decisively. "No, no one is more important than Grandpa today."

"You'd better answer it. If there is something important, just do it. Anyway, we are not in a hurry. We still have a lifetime to be together." Fiona was afraid that he would be late for important matters. He must have a lot of things to deal with today, and he had accompanied her for a whole day.

It was all her fault. Why did she fall asleep in the hospital as she did not get s

choice. She didn't know how long it would take for them to be together aboveboard. She didn't want to be separated from him.

Vincent was speechless He was afraid that he had done something wrong in her previous life so God punished him like this for this life.

As soon as Fiona and Vincent entered the room, Richard looked at them from head to toe. The more he looked at them, the more perfect they were. He mocked, "Fiona, look at you. You are a perfect match for Vincent. You shouldn't have been with Jeremy in the past. I will teach those people of the Ling family a lesson sometime."

The Ling clan had been so bold to bully his granddaughter.

"Grandpa, it's all over. I'm fine now." Let bygones be bygones. As long as the Ling family didn't make trouble for her, Fiona could be merciful enough to let them go.

After all, they once raised her up and provide her with meals.

Richard chuckled and tried made the atmosphere better cautiously. "I didn't mean to say that. I'm just too angry. What do you think of Terence? Is it the same as what I have told you? You don't know how much this young man has been popular since he was a child. He hasn't even made a girlfriend. Unlike Jeremy, who has made been involved with the affairs with a star all over the city."

"Grandpa, Jeremy has nothing to do with Rose Xu..."

"No need to say. I don't want to hear this name." Richard stopped Fiona from talking. Anyway, Jeremy wouldn't have a chance to be together with his granddaughter anymore.

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