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   Chapter 114 Drag Her Down

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Trying hard to hold back her last sanity, Fiona pushed Jeremy away. She carefully tidied up her clothes and was a little angry, "What are you doing? There is still someone else at home."

"Everyone knows that you are my wife."

She was still on his household register as his wife, and Jeremy was confident enough to say so.

"How can you be so confident?"

Fiona was glad that Jeremy didn't give up, but she looked at him helplessly.

Richard didn't like Jeremy. She saw it clearly that they would have a hard time in the future.

Noticing what she was thinking, Jeremy held her hand and stopped her from struggling. "Don't worry. I will try my best to persuade your grandfather and prove myself by actions that I am good enough to your husband. I can give you happiness."


Her head was hit by the man, and she felt pain. She asked discontentedly, "How can you always bully me like this?"

"Do you know how an ordinary man bullies a woman?"

Jeremy grinned wickedly.

They had been separated for a long time. He had been tortured every day since he woke up. Now that she was close to him, he didn't intend to make himself suffer again.

He coaxed in a hoarse voice, "Don't refuse me, okay?"

His hands had already reached into her clothes. Feeling his warm hands, with a fiendish nature, it was attracting Fiona, and she was unable to control her own behavior


Richard was impatient waiting outside.

He and Belinda had been standing outside for two hours, motionless. His face was unusually dark, as if he would punish Jeremy severely as soon as he came out.

"You've been locked up in the room for a long time, Fiona. It's time for you to get some fresh air,"

Richard didn't say it out. but it did not mean that he would turn a blind eye to him.

'What a bold man! How dare he pretend to be a courier to cheat all others and get in? He is so powerful. Why doesn't God help him?'


Her voice trembled slightly, and she kept complaining in her mind. In a situation of ice and fire, she gritted her teeth to prevent herself from making a shameful sound.

"There is something wrong with your voice. Do you want to call the doctor?"

Richard thought to himself, 'This doctor must be called. Once the doctor comes here and he could see

as possible.

He was her legitimate husband, but now, he was really a coward.

It was a long way to go. Jeremy didn't know when Richard could change his attitude towards him.

He knocked on the quilt. He was so angry that he didn't protect his wife well. He deserved it.

Jeremy had waited for nearly two hours, but no one came back. There was no need to eat so long for a dessert at all.

Jeremy was about to send her a message. He had noticed that she had brought her phone when she was out.

He remembered her number at a glance.

Unexpectedly, Jack called him. He asked anxiously, "Mr. Fu, where are you now? Everyone is looking for you. It is said that Caspar intended to commit suicide in the police station."

"Whatever," Jeremy said. He didn't want to have anything to do with the Fu family. Besides, there was no the Fu family in the world anymore.

"But that is not all. It's not like that. Miss Xu tried to argue with him out of kindness, but he... He not only wants to kill himself, but also tried to drag Miss Xu with him. He wanted to kill Miss Xu as well." Jack had no choice but to call Jeremy.

Jack knew everything about the Xu family these years, and Jeremy wouldn't sit by.

It was better for him to inform Jeremy in person than that someone from the Xu family called to disturb him.

Jeremy's face turned livid and asked "Can't you solve it? What can you do as I have you there?"

"It's not that I can't solve it. It's just that I am not needed. Caspar has mentioned to meet especially you."

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