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   Chapter 113 Asking For A Kiss

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Fiona knew the voice clearly.

She looked at the man in front of her. He was tall and looked like a model in ordinary clothes.

She was going crazy. At this time, she was still in the mood to appreciate the handsome man.

Fiona warned him in a low voice, "Jeremy, you'd better leave now. This is not the place you should come. If my grandpa knows it, you will be dead!"

"It doesn't matter. I'm here to tell you that I have purchased the Fu family and I have found the evidence to put Caspar into jail. He won't be an obstacle between us in the future."

He said sincerely. He had done so much just to show his sincerity to her.

He didn't expect her to forgive him immediately, but hoped that she could listen to him.

He put the enchanting roses aside and held her in his arms. "I'm sorry. Your grandpa is right. I can't protect you well."

"Did you jump into the river to save me that day?"

He slapped himself hard as he spoke.

"I'm sorry. I've been in a coma for a month. When I woke up, I suspected you. I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to do that. I don't know."

He lowered his head. How he wished he could go back to that night. If she could be more careful, so many things wouldn't have happened between them.

"You've been in a coma for a month?"

It never occurred to Fiona that not only herself was seriously injured, but even Jeremy couldn't escape.

She finally stopped suppressing herself and cried out loud.

"Jeremy, as long as you are alive."

They had gone through the jaws of death together. Fortunately, they came back together. This was a gift from God for them.

Holding his hand, Fiona took off his cap, his coat and his vest. She could clearly see the scars on his body because of the operation.

'He must be very painful.'


Fiona choked with sobs.

Jeremy held her face and wiped the tears off her face with his lips. "There's no need to say anything. We will be together well in the future, and no one can stop us."

As for Richard, he would behave well and not make her embarrassed.

here was a sound in the room.

Actually, Jeremy didn't dare to fall asleep. He was afraid that she would leave him. He had been in a trance for the past two hours.

"Are you awake?"

The woman in his arms moved a little and held him tightly. He was very satisfied with her action.

She must have endured it very hard before?

He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. Then he lowered his head and kissed her neck again. "You had a hard time pretending when I kissed you before."

He was sure.

Fiona's face flushed. Life was already so difficult. It would be better if he didn't expose her.

What a shame.

Jeremy said confidently, "I know it's you from the beginning to the end. Your every move is imprinted in my mind. Don't pretend in front of me."

"I... I didn't. "

Fiona thought, 'I just said that I didn't know you. I didn't say that I am not Fiona.'

"It's so good to have you. I miss you so much. Do you miss me?"

"Yes, I do."

Fiona missed him so much. She kept thinking that it would be difficult for her to live without him in the future. Only then did she realize that he had played an unforgettable role in her life.

"Don't be apart again."

"Okay, we won't be separated from each other in the future." Jeremy began to ask for a kiss. It was so funny. Fiona just laughed at him. As a result, he didn't get what he wanted.

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