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   Chapter 108 Keep Your Promise

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Fiona closed her eyes in a daze. She didn't dare to let go of her hand covering her chest and pressed it subconsciously.

There was a birthmark on it. If Jeremy insisted on checking it, he should be able to recognize her soon.

She didn't want to.

Jeremy sighed deeply. This girl was so vigilant even when she slept, but he didn't want to do anything. She was the woman he had been thinking about day and night.

It had been more than a month. Except for the time when he was in a coma, he had been living in deep distress almost every day. Fortunately, he had finally been able to see her.

Jeremy turned to look at her quietly.

The next day, the sunlight sprinkled into the room through the curtain. When she opened her eyes slowly, she saw the man's handsome face.

He was still sleeping, with his long eyelashes covering his eyelids and a hand on her waist.

Fiona didn't dare to move. Seeing the dark circles in his eyes, she guessed that he might have a hard time these days?

On second thought, it was not right. Jeremy had prepared a wedding ceremony with another woman. How could it not be good? He had dark circles under his eyes maybe because he had fun with another woman every night.


Jeremy's pleasant voice flowed from the top of the mountain, like the clear voice of a deep stream. It was extremely pleasant to hear.

She hadn't heard his voice for nearly a month. She missed him.

She calmed down and didn't want to think too much. She wanted to punish him well.

Fiona pushed the man to the ground with all her strength. She blushed and asked, "You... Don't you know shame? I have nothing to do with you. Why do you live in the same room with me? I I'm going to get married in the future. "


He had investigated her

Fiona was disheartened. Could Jeremy ask her in person and not to do such things to embarrass her every time?

Her face darkened. She turned her head away and didn't want to talk to him. She said reluctantly, "Who I am going to marry seems to have nothing to do with you. And I have to go back. I don't want my grand

y, I'm sorry. We received the call, and we need to take you back to assist in the investigation."

Jeremy said calmly, "What crime have I committed?"


"I just took my wife away. What's wrong?"

The policeman was speechless. They had received the order, but they were rendered speechless.

"Mr. Jeremy, just go back and investigate. If you haven't committed any crime, you will be released without charge. Don't worry."

Meanwhile, Richard and Vincent came with several people to take Fiona away.

Jeremy was escorted by the police and couldn't move. He could only watch his beloved woman being taken away.

He was not reconciled.

It was not easy to keep her by his side, but she left so decisively. Behind her, Jeremy shouted, "You are mine, Fiona. I will take you back to me."

Richard cast a glance at Vincent who lifted Fiona up and left in a hurry.

As soon as they got into the car, Belinda prepared a cup of hot water for her, "Miss, you didn't come back last night. You have no idea how worried we were. Master and Mr. Vincent didn't sleep last night."

The grand banquet was over because of the intrusion of Jeremy. Everyone was jittery. Fortunately, nothing else happened.

Belinda held her hand and said, "Miss, you must take care of yourself in the future." Otherwise, she would be in danger.

Richard asked seriously, "Fiona, do you keep your words?"

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