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   Chapter 102 Being Saved

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Jeremy didn't believe that Rose was more capable than him to find the materials he couldn't find.

In the past month, he had been living in distress every day. How he wished he could know more about Fiona.

He took a cold look at the time on the document and smiled. His smile was unfathomable.

With a guilty conscience, Rose suppressed the pressure and answered in a low voice, "Jeremy, do you doubt me? You should know that everyone in this world is likely to harm you, but I won't. "

"Really? How to explain the time on the document? Rose, you have already got these materials, haven't you? Why did you hide it from me? "

"I..." Rose panicked and stammered, "I... I just don't want you to know it so soon. Jeremy, it's not good news. I thought the authenticity of these materials was still uncertain, but after so long, we still couldn't find her, which proved that she was dead... "

She had to give him a head-on blow, hoping that he could wake up as soon as possible.

Fiona's death was a thing of the past. There was no need for him to worry about a dead person anymore.

With a bitter smile, Jeremy said, "Rose, I'm very disappointed in you. I thought we would be good friends all our lives."

However, things went contrary to his wishes. Perhaps he had never really known Rose and because the Xu family had saved him, his eyes had been blindfolded.

It was terrible.

He waved his hand and said, "You can leave now. Don't appear in front of me anymore."

Rose shook her head firmly and refused to take half a step. She shouted loudly, "Jeremy, you know clearly that I love you. I always do. Can't you take a good look at me? I can guarantee that I will love you more than Fiona does when she is not here. "


Rose approached him and retorted, "Not enough, not at all. Do you know how long I have loved you? I'm dreaming of being with you. You know I have a room at home, which is full of news about you. I can't get you these years, so I can only live on these things. Do you know how di

she saw were all foreigners. This was not the hospital in her impression.

She slumped into the chair, holding her aching head, not knowing where she was.

"Young lady!"

"Young lady!"

The sound was harsh.

She didn't want to listen, so she covered her ears with her hands. She just wanted to calm down and clear her mind.

She realized that she was most likely not at home, but abroad.

But she was in city B, why did she appear in this strange place?

And what about Jeremy?

She didn't know what to do.

All of a sudden, a group of people rushed over. Everyone was anxious, and the woman even had the urge to cry, with tears in her eyes.

Fiona pointed at herself and asked curiously, "Are you calling me?"

Richard Qiao walked up to her with a crutch and put his hand on her head. "Are you feeling better, my child?"

"Do I know you?"

She was not used to such intimacy, so she dodged instinctively.

Richard kindly grinned, "It's natural that you are not used to it for a while. I will give you time to get used to it in the future."

'Give me time? Get used to it? Get used to what?'

Numerous questions were hovering in her mind, but what she cared most was Jeremy.

She asked in a hurry, "Did you save me? Have you seen my husband? He fell into the river and I followed him into it. I survived. Where is he? "

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