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   Chapter 101 The Materials

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Jeremy stared at Jack coldly, indicating him not to play a riddle and to say it quickly.

"It's really a big deal."

Jack said with a big smile on his face.

The smile was so dazzling that Jeremy resisted the impulse to destroy it and shouted angrily, "Say it quickly."

Jack spread out the newspaper and asked excitedly, "Mr. Jeremy, do you think it looks like Mrs. Fiona?"

Jeremy squinted at him with doubt, grabbed the newspaper and read it carefully. In an instant, his heart was filled with pleasant surprise.

It was her!

Although she only showed one side of her face, he knew it was her because he could recognize every mole on her body. He was sure that it was her.

The Qiao family?

He had seen on TV that the Qiao family was looking for their granddaughter who had been missing for many years. Did it mean that she suddenly became the young lady of the Qiao family?

As long as she was alive, Jeremy didn't want anything but to take her back as soon as possible.

"Where is she? Hurry up and find her."

Jack was in a dilemma. It was not easy to find a person in such a big city. Besides, the Qiao family was so powerful that there were countless houses in the world. It would take time to select one.

But at present, it was certain that the Qiao family would move back to B city soon.

Jack tried to persuade her, "Mr. Jeremy, don't worry. The Qiao family will be back soon. We just need to wait patiently."

"Wait? Do you think I can wait? " Jeremy wished he could fly to her as soon as possible.

Thinking about it day and night, he had been suffering a lot since he became conscious after the coma.

No matter what the price was, he would get her.

Jack whispered, "Mr. Jeremy... Well, the wedding ceremony you mentioned before is tomorrow. Shall we cancel it? "

"No, don't cancel it."

It was carefully prepared for the two of them, and no one could stop it.

Jack was sweating. Jeremy was not in a hurry, while he was anxious to death. Tomorrow was around the corner, and Fiona might not be able

he heard these words.

But she held it back every time.

She smiled to ease the embarrassment. "Jeremy, your wedding will be held tomorrow. She... Will she show up? "

How could a dead person appear so easily?

Rose was immersed in her fantasy every day, dreaming of the beautiful scene that she would live with Jeremy in the future.

She knew it was cruel, but she decisively took out the materials from her bag.

"This is what I have found out. Jeremy, I know it's hard for you to accept it. But it's very unlikely for her to survive after she was washed away by the river. We haven't found her near the river. I'm afraid..."


Jeremy's face darkened with anger.

Rose calmed down and continued to persuade him calmly, "Jeremy, I believe that if you look for it carefully, you will find more information than I do. I just don't want you to get hurt, and I don't want you to be the laughing stock of everyone."

Her eyes were full of tears. "Jeremy, wake up. Fiona is dead. There is no such a person in the world anymore. You can give up."

Jeremy held back his anger and picked up the so-called materials very slowly.

Jack didn't find these materials.

What's wrong with it? Why couldn't he himself find these materials?

He stared at Rose, stood up and asked directly, "How did you find these materials? Don't lie to me, or... "

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