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   Chapter 76 A Horrible Photo

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"Ha ha, I have gone too far. Why don't you ask me what did you and your shameless mother do to our family?"

Pointing at his own heart, Caspar corrected him righteously, "It's all your fault that I ended up like this."

If Jeremy and his mother hadn't shown up, his family would have been not destroyed. For him, his mother had been humble in front of the Fu family.

He was not willing to give up. All he wanted was revenge.

He should have had a happy family, not what he had today, only happy on the surface.

He would not have had a car accident. His mother had been disheartened wanted to die, he saved her, but he became disabled. But if he hadn't saved his mother, he would be more painful.

It was all their fault.

Caspar would do anything to get back at them.

"Enough yet?"

Not wanting to talk nonsense with him, Jeremy said straightforward, "I don't know whom you have bribed, but I'm sure to tell you that I'm determined to become the heir of the Fu family!"

He could have given up the hatred for Fiona, so he gave in to them in every way he could, but Caspar chased after him closely. What was worse, he had sent people to investigate every move of Fiona behind his back.

He couldn't imagine what Caspar would do to her if he wasn't there.

He didn't want to.

"Haha, do you think you have the right to inherit the Fu family?"

Although Phil had allowed him to come back but the Fu family belonged to him and no one could take it away from him.

Jeremy smiled and thought, 'Caspar, you are still the ignorant young master of the Fu family. Why don't you investigate the situation of the Fu family with all your tricks?'

The Fu family was no match for him. Although he would need this case to win, he was not afraid to go against them without it.

"Who says that I want to take charity from the Fu family? I will get everything with my own ability. Do you have a problem with that?"


He looked at Jeremy up and down, still unable to believe what he had heard. "No way. You won't have the ability to solve the problem after you drop it."

"Do you think you can destroy me just by a small case?"

That case was just to prevent him from smoothly acquiring the companies of t

ant to eat cake?"


'well, he must love her so much.'

The moment he opened the door, Jeremy smelt a strong fragrance. He followed the fragrance to the kitchen and found that the woman was busy doing something.

"Why don't you get more sleep?"

"I'm not tired." Without looking at him, Fiona continued to cook.

She seemed to have dug a hole for herself. When she turned around and saw the man's meaningful smile, she immediately corrected him seriously, "No, I'm very tired."

Jeremy rolled up his sleeves and said, "Let me do it."

"No, it's your birthday today. I can't let you cook. You should go out now." Moreover, she had just talked to director Wang about her resignation. Fiona was about to prepare a gift for him.

She didn't want him to be in danger. She wanted to be with him all the time. She found that her wish was very simple. As long as he was safe, she was happy.

Jeremy was still in the kitchen and asked seriously, "I cook for my wife. Is there anything wrong?"

"You are right."

"You go out to eat cake."

"Today is your birthday. Why should I eat cake?" She had bought a lot of food with her salary, but there was not much time, so she didn't choose a gift. She would try to make it up later.

"Today is my birthday. I am the boss. Why don't you listen to me?"

Fiona had to go out obediently. When she turned on her phone and was about to take pictures of many cakes on the table, she found a horrible picture that was just sent.

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