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   Chapter 74 Don't Look At Me

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Standing still, Ray didn't have any response, which greatly stimulated Rose.

She couldn't tempt Jeremy and even Ray couldn't be seduced by her. She didn't believe it, so she began to kiss his neck crazily. However, the man kept motionless like a Buddha.

"Ray, do you think I'm not charming at all?"

Ray suppressed his desire and said in a low voice, "Do you really want me to tell you the truth?"

"Yes, I want to hear the truth."

He didn't give her any chance to speak. He kissed on her lips directly. After the kissing, he asked, "Haven't you seen my reaction? If you don't believe me, I can do it again. "

"Do you like me?"

Rose opened her tearful eyes. Sometimes, people were very strange. If they couldn't get approval from a man, they desperately tried to seek comfort from another man.

Ray had played such a role for so many years. She was sure that she wouldn't like him. They still had the same relationship all these years.

He didn't want to answer her question. He knew the man in her heart.

He sighed, "Rose, it's meaningless for me to say that."

"I just want to know. Do you say it or not?"

"Do you have to force me?"

Yes, Rose wanted to force him. She was in a terrible mood tonight and needed comfort. Lying in his arms, she took him into a hotel.

"Do you dare or not?"

Rose's eyes lit up and she asked deliberately. She knew that he wouldn't refuse.

Having suffered a lot, Ray asked, "Do you have to do this?"

"I feel terrible. Can you comfort me?"



They finally left. Jeremy heaved a sigh of relief. But his house was a mess, and the smell of wine could be smelt everywhere.

They were definitely not coming here by chance tonight. He had told Rose for many times. If she kept doing that, he was not sure if they could still be friends.

Fiona was cleaning up silently. Looking at her, he felt life was wonderful.

At this moment, he decided to give up all the plan. Instead, he just wanted to be with her forever.

Jeremy's sharp eyes made her a little uncomfortable. So, she

had a great time last night."

He couldn't describe it but it was a wonderful feeling.

He was indeed happy, but she was miserable, wasn't she?

Noticing that his wife was in a bad mood, Jeremy opened his eyes completely and apologized in a chagrin, "I was being rude last night. I'll pay more attention to you from now on."

And from now on?

They didn't stop until it was almost dawn.

He was like a wolf who would eat people to the bone. It was a miracle that she could live well in the world.

Fiona asked for leave so she didn't have to worry about her work in the casting group. She moved her legs but she couldn't feel them as they were very sore.

So tired.

"Are you getting up?"

Jeremy lifted the quilt, feeling refreshed. When he saw the woman's perfect body, he was a little short of breath.

He knew that he had been too rude last night. Although he enjoyed himself a lot, he had to take her feelings into consideration.

He stood up straight.

Seeing that, Fiona also stood up. Looking at the clothes on the ground, she reached out her hand and intended to pick them up, but before she could pick them up, she fell over the ground. Before Jeremy could react, she warned him immediately, "You... Don't look at me or laugh at me! "

It was so humiliating.

'We just had sex last night. Will he think I'm stupid today?' thought Fiona.

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