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   Chapter 51 Jeremy Disappeared

Flash Marriage: My Mysterious Man By Lu Manman Characters: 7451

Updated: 2020-04-13 00:04

"Let me go,"

Jeremy shouted coldly. He needed to calm down and think clearly about the thing between him and Fiona.


He looked at Rose vigilantly. "How do you know that?"

He thought that the Olivia only sent this photo to him, but he didn't expect that she would announce it to the public.

Rose picked up Jeremy's glass and took a sip of his wine. It was very bitter. She yelled hysterically, "That's enough! Jeremy Fu, why are you so stubborn? Even at this moment, you are still taking her feelings into consideration. But what about her? She doesn't care about you at all. You can give up! "

"Shut up!"

Rose was stunned.

She noticed that Jeremy looked very cold and arrogant, and within a few days, she found that he was different from before.

He was so strange to her that she was at a loss. She realized that she had never really known him.

"Jeremy, you have to believe that anyone in the world will hurt you, but I will never hurt you. I will only be good to you."

Tears welled up in Rose's eyes. She looked pitiful and wanted to attract his attention.

If it was possible, how she wished she could show her heart to Jeremy, so that he would believe her sincerity.

Jeremy was dejected and didn't want to talk to her anymore. "Please leave me alone," he said indifferently

"I'm worried about you." Rose thought for a while. "I know you want to give vent to your anger. Just drink as much as you want. I will send you back later."

Jeremy didn't say anything. He just wanted to indulge himself in alcohol.

One glass after another. Jeremy suffered from a stomachache, which made his heart ache. She didn't know if the recording was true or not, but she could only see the influence of Fiona on him, who was going to destroy him sooner or later.

His past was so tragic that she wouldn't allow anyone to do anything bad to him and to destroy his future.

Fiona QIao would kick her out of his world.

"Why not?"

Hearing that, Jeremy asked himself again and again, He had been so good to her, but why she was not willing to love him even a little bit?' It would be good to give him hope.

The bar had been cleared up. Except for the waiter, there was no one else, except f

it out.

"Jack, don't hang up."

Jack just wanted to find Jeremy as soon as possible, so he ignored her. But when he went out to answer a call, he found that Jeremy was gone.

It was unbelievable that a living person had disappeared, and even Jack did not want to believe it.

It was too mysterious.

Fiona was so worried and said, "can you tell me where he is?

"Just say it. I'm willing to do anything you ask me to do."

She was anxious to know his whereabouts.

Jack sighed, "Why not? As you are so worried now, why did you do that to him?"

"What do you mean?" She was still haunted by the question, but it was not the right time to think about it. What she wanted to do was to ask Jeremy to come back as soon as possible.

She knew that she liked him, so she was flustered and restless when she couldn't see him. Everything would be fine when she saw him, and they could talk about anything.

"Please, please. I'm very uneasy. Can you find out where he is as soon as possible? You must know where he is." Fiona was almost bagging.

In her whole life, she had never begged someone like this. She had a strong feeling that she would give him a chance, just once.

What she wanted was very simple. She just wanted to see Jeremy as soon as possible.

"I don't know." Jack felt helpless.

Her face turned pale and her anxiety deepened. She repeated her question: "You are not kidding with me. How could you not know where he is? No! You must be kidding!"

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