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The moment she asked, she let out a self-mocking smile. 'Perhaps she never treats me as her real friend, ' she thought.

"Call the police."

She replied flatly. Now that Rita didn't let go of her, she decided to let her pay for what she had done.

"Hey, Fiona!"

Rita was shocked at the thought of the cold prison where the only light above her head would be dim. No, she could not be imprisoned. The Xia family had reputation at least, so they would not let her go to jail.

Fiona was just trying to scare her. Moreover, no one in the Ling family took her seriously except for Jonas. For the Fu family, Phil was happy to see her marriage with Jeremy. In other words, it was impossible for her to put her into jail through the power of the Fu family.

At the thought of this, Rita felt much relieved.

Fiona winked her eyes, looked at Jeremy and said on purpose, "Will you stand up for me?"

Now that she had started acting, she decided to put on an act until the end of the play. Rita liked Jeremy, so she didn't mind infuriating her to death.

What did Rita mean by breathing a sigh of relief? Fiona also wanted to take this opportunity to see if she was worthless in Jeremy's eyes.

Jeremy took a sip of tea elegantly and sighed. He gripped her hand more tightly.

Fiona opened her bright eyes, full of expectation and unwillingness. He smiled and said, "We are a couple. Of course I will stand up for you. Let's call the police."

"That's a deal."

Now that she had a powerful man to stand up for her, Fiona felt satisfied and immediately took Jeremy's phone to call the police, with the phone of the man that Rita liked.

After a while, several policemen arrived.

After Jeremy and Fiona explained the briefly situation to them, the policemen walked up to Rita and signaled her to go with them.

Rita panicked. "Jeremy, our two families are very close. How can you do this to me?"

"Do you think I should help my wife or you?"

Didn't she realize it? Jeremy had nothing to do with her. So of course he would not do anything for her.

On the way back to the residence, Fiona was extremely relaxed, as if nothing had happened to her. She totally forgot about the injury and fear. When they arrived at the door, she looked around the house carefully, pouted her head and asked, "Why do you have a house here?"

This was the Studio City. It was strange that Jeremy had a house here. Was it because he had a secret relationship with some stars? But it was not possible. He was surrounded by socialites, but he had married her.

"Is it strange?"

Fiona nodded. She had read the information from Gail. It was said that Jeremy was a cynical illegitimate child and had no right to inherit the fortune of Fu family.

If it was not because of women, then how long could he squander money like this?

Fiona thought that the people who had never been poor might not know what money was.

With a smile on his lips, Jeremy said, "You'll gradually understand me in the future. Don't worry. I can afford you."

"I don't want you to support me."

Jeremy said, "Then you can support me."


Fiona found that she was no match for him.

After entering the house, Jeremy went back to his bedroom, saying that he had some business to deal with. As soon as she sat down, she smelt a strong smell of medicine. She smelt carefully but she didn't smell that strong.

She followed the smell and finally stopped at the door. The door was not locked and she quietly opened the door.

Oh, God! Jeremy was hurt...

How did he get hurt? Wasn't he in a meeting the other day?

She was filled with confusion. She wanted to ask him, but she didn't have the courage. The only thing she could do was standing at the door and watching him apply the medicine to his wound. He w

as sweating.

He must still be in pain.

She stood dully until she heard the man get up. She ran away and sat down on the sofa, pretending to be calm.

Again, Jeremy pretended to be friendly and said, "Are you waiting for me all the time?"

"Are you hurt?"

He was stunned for a moment. Then he concealed the truth in a few words. "How could I get hurt? Don't think too much. Worry about yourself. By the way, you can go to the hospital to change the medicine later and stay there for the night. "

"All right."

She couldn't understand why he kept it from her.

She thought Jeremy was joking. Unexpectedly, she didn't take a long rest. He took her to the hospital and personally told the doctor to change the medicine for her.

The one who was changing the medicine for Fiona was a middle-aged female doctor. She said with a kind smile, "Don't worry, young man. The wound has healed without a scar, and it will recover soon. You are so sweet."


Her face turned red. She had nothing to do with him except for the marriage certificate.

There was a knock on the door. Jeremy went to the door and blocked the door. It was not until Fiona had got changed and covered with the medicine that he reluctantly opened the door.

Francis held a large bouquet of bright roses. At the sight of Jeremy, he was very angry, but he restrained his anger and walked up to Fiona. He put the flowers down and handed her the well wrapped takeout. "Are you feeling better, Fiona?"

"I'm fine." Replied Fiona, indifferently.

"Still hurt?" Francis pitied her and wished he could suffer for her.

"Ahem!" Jeremy interrupted him impatiently, "Of course I will take good care of my wife. You don't have to worry about her."

Rivals in love would always be jealous when they met. He did not allow another man to be ingratiated with her. It was very annoying.

Besides, Francis wasn't good enough for her.

With a big grin on his face, Francis said calmly, "I want to have a talk with Jeremy. Mr. Jeremy, please go out now."

Then, he pointed to the door reasonably.

Fiona knew it was not a good way. She turned to Jeremy for help and asked him to go out. She would give him an explanation later.

Jeremy was quite angry. However, when he saw the look in her eyes, he had to leave the room in obedience.

The ward soon became quiet. After letting go of his calmness, Francis immediately became very nervous and wanted to hold the hand of Fiona, but he was dodged by her. He felt hurt and asked, "What's wrong with me? Is there anything that I'm not as good as Jeremy? Why don't you give me a chance but marry him? "

"Since you know, please respect me. I won't joke about marriage."

She had nothing to do with Francis from beginning to end. If they were really friends, he would not say that Jeremy played her with money, which not only insulted her, but also himself.

Everyone had his or her own life. She had promised to marry Jeremy, and whenever she was in danger, he would step forward, which gave her a great sense of security.

"Can't you give it a second thought?" Francis continued.

Fiona shook her head.

After leaving the hospital, he also dismissed the event from the film crew.

One week was neither too long nor too short. Soon, it was time for her to leave. During the period, she performed well, so the director gave her the opportunity of internship, and she would be involved in the preparation of the next play, which was beyond many people's imagination. She was able to learn it with Director Wang's top-notch scriptwriter.

She went into the plane with Gail and Nanette, but her roommates found their seats easily, and she wandered around in the economy class now and then, but she couldn't find her seat anywhere.

Was that a fake ticket?

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