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   Chapter 29 Rita Screw It Up

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Fiona felt puzzled too. Everyone knew that there was a double meaning in his words, but she didn't know it was actually.

She was confused and looked at him with her head tilted.

To cover up her embarrassment, Rita had to leave early. She said apologetically, "Sorry, Jeremy. I have some work to do. You know, we are here for an internship..."

"Today the cast has a holiday and no one works."

Jeremy meant that she found nothing on the shooting place and there was no excuse for her to run away like that.

The next second Rita was aware of something. With a nervous look on her face, she took a few deep breaths and sat down again. She took the cup with water in it on the table and passed it to her lips numbly. Her hand trembled, and the water flew to her clothes, which made her look awful.

Jeremy snorted, "Don't be nervous. I won't do anything to you."

At least he was a gentleman in front of women, especially in front of the woman he liked.

Rita was tormented so much that she wanted to know what on earth Jeremy was going to say.

But with the presence of Fiona, she didn't want to be so embarrassed in front of Jeremy.

"Did you ask the guy who knocked at Fiona's door that night?"

He seemed to know it now...

Rita was astonished and her face became as pale as a white paper.

She thought she had bought the hooligan and he would never tell anyone else. But why did he know that? That was impossible. She shook her head and denied it guiltily.

"Do you want to say that I've wronged you?"

When the dinner was served, Jeremy slowly filled a bowl of soup for Fiona. Different from his expressionless face when he talked with Rita, he gently said to Fiona, "Eat more, you seem to be thinner."

After drinking some soup, Fiona put down the spoon.

"Shall I help you eat?" Jeremy asked.

Being helpless, Fiona replied, "I'll drink it later, okay? You are caring about me too much."

She was not calm in her mind. After thinking carefully, she finally understood what Jeremy meant. It turned out that the hooligan was hired by Rita.

She didn't expect Rita to be so cruel. Since Rita liked Jeremy, she must get her mad.

Fiona scooped out a spoonful of soup and put it on Jeremy lips. She pouted reluctantly and said, "it's a little hot."

Of course, Jeremy knew what she wanted to do. She was so cute that he smiled and had to blow into it for her. "Well, you can drink it now."

"Thank you, honey."

"You're welcome. It's what I should do."

The flirting between them irritated Rita.

Rita could not understand why Jeremy loved Fiona so much. How could she be not as good as Fiona? She was supposed to be the center of other's attention, but after the appearance of Fiona, everything changed.

It was not easy for her to have a crush on Jeremy. Almost everyone among the wealthy families knew that. Even the Fu family was happy to see that.

However, Fiona who appeared from nowhere had taken away everything from her. What made her unbearable was to see that Jeremy who had always been cold to everyone, became so lovely and warm in front of Fiona. Rita had never dreamed of that in her life.

Rita turned her head away, not looking at them.

But Fiona did nothing but to ask her, "Miss Rita, it seems that you don't like me."

Even though she hated Fiona so much and wanted to kill her thousands of times, she tried to hide her feeling.

She kept a well-educated manner and calmly replied: "No."

"Okay. Then tell me why you are angry with me. You not only spoke ill of me behind my back, but also asked some hooligan to rape me!" Fiona was extremely angry. As long as she thought that she had been so close to death, she could not forgive Rita.

She had trusted Rita for many years, but Rita had stabbed her in the back more than once.

"I didn't do that. Yo

u're slinging mud at me." Still, she put up a stubborn resistance.

"It's you."

At the sight of Jeremy, she knew that Jeremy wouldn't fight in the battle he wasn't sure of. He would have brought her here to meet Rita after he had done a thorough investigation.

He had done much more than she had expected. She felt terrible as long as she thought of the awkward situation she had undergone in the past two days.

She was just being narrow-minded.

She was sure that what happened to her must have something to do with Rita.

At the same time, Rita drank up the water in the glass in her hand and smashed it on the table. The cup immediately broke into pieces.

The waiter was so frightened that he hastily came over and asked, "Miss, can I help you?"

"Go away! I don't need your help!"

Rita told herself to keep calm and not to be irritated. If she told them everything in a fit of anger, she would screw up everything. Then she would never be able to feel okay again in front of Jeremy.

"You can leave now,"

Jeremy said to the waiter.

The waiter left in obedience. Seeing that Fiona still wanted to speak, Jeremy put a piece of cake in front of her and said, "Don't be angry. Try this dessert. I've tried it before. I think you will like it."

The more Fiona thought about it, the angrier she became. But at the same time, her mind was in a turmoil. The experience that she was bullied by Rita kept flashing through her mind. He could not forget all this fact.

Jeremy put his hand on hers and said, "Let me handle it."

Then he took out the evidence. That was a recording of voices. The voice was from Rita, which could be recognized by Fiona easily.

How angry she was! Damn Rita! How could Rita said she had called for the service of a guy.

Did she look like that kind of person?

She had been afraid that Jeremy didn't believe her before. Fortunately, there was evidence to prove her innocence. No, why was she so concerned about Jeremy? Shouldn't she focus on hating Rita to death now? She almost lost control what she was thinking about.

Fiona threw the unfinished cake in Rita's face. "Rita, I didn't expect you to be so mean."

"Not me. Not me!"

Rita shook her head desperately. She felt like her head was going to break.

She had no choice but to deny it. That was right. She did nothing. Even if there was the recording, so what? Could it prove that it was all her fault?

Rita opened her eyes wide and looked sadly at Jeremy. "Jeremy, you have to believe that it was not me. It was definitely not me. How could I do such a thing? I was wronged."

"What about this one?"

Then Jeremy took out the transferring record. It was obvious that the money was from Rita.

For thinking about it thousands of times, Rita didn't expect that Jeremy had found other evidence. When the hooligan was caught by the police, she tried to make money to block the mouth of the hooligan by all means. At that time, she was so anxious that she only thought she could prevent him from saying anything. She asked the guy to declare that it was Fiona and that she would never get her involved.

She didn't expect that it would become a hidden trouble for her.

Jeremy was really something. He knew perfectly what she did and what a mysterious remittance record of her. Although it was she who sent the bank transfer, she had asked her family to erase the record.

Was he trying to drive her out?

She hated herself so much for exposing her weakness in front of Jeremy and being caught by him.

She sat down dispiritedly with empty eyes. She had screw up everything.

"What the hell are you going to do?" She shook her head.

Even until now, the woman still didn't want to admit what she had done. Fiona was boiling with rage. She asked, "Are you treating me as your friend, Rita?"

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