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   Chapter 28 Don't Call Me Brother

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After hearing what he had said, Fiona sighed and thought, 'Isn't he just a man? Who do you think him too much? As everyone says, men were only reliable nowadays when pigs could get on the trees.

Besides, her marriage with Jeremy and me is not a joke.'

With an expressionless face, she said to Jack, "you can go now."

For the time being, she didn't want to hear anything about Jeremy.

Jack was really hoping to hear such words from her. So he said to Fiona with a flattered smile, "Lady Fiona, please have a good rest. I... I gotta go."

With that, he left in a hurry.

After closing the door, he secretly looked around to make sure that no one followed him. Then he sneaked to several wards and finally reached the one at the end of the corridor.

"How is she?"

When he just closed the door, before he had time to yet breathe a sigh of relief, he heard Jeremy's anxious question.

Jack sighed without answering the question. Jeremy cared about Fiona more than himself. When he was attacked again last time, he tried his best to protect Fiona, so he got a stab on his belly. It was appalling.

Jeremy couldn't wait to slap the cupboard bedside and yelled, "Jack Zhang! Do you want me to teach you a lesson?"

He wanted to know how Fiona was. Although he didn't receive treatment until the doctor finished the treatment on Fiona last night, he was still worried about her.

"Mr. Fu, you'd better care more about yourself. You are seriously injured."

If the knife was a little bit slanted, he was afraid that even God would not be able to save his life, but he was only thinking of a slightly-injured woman on her shoulder.

The power of love was so great that he was no longer self composed.

"Jack, tell me or not? If you don't tell me, get out immediately!"

"I'll tell you everything!"

He couldn't help but tell the detailed information about Fiona to him.

Jeremy asked again, "Did she eat anything?"

As a matter of fact, James did not know how to answer this question. He just sent food to Fiona's room, but he didn't know whether she had eaten it or not.

He stood cowardly, waiting for his lesson.

With a wave of his hand, Jeremy said, "You go and collect the evidence first. I won't let them go easily this time." He wanted an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


The table was full of delicious food, but Jeremy had no appetite at all. What he was thinking about was the warm scene last night. He even was willing to give up his hatred for her.

But after what happened last night, he knew that even if he wanted to let them go, they might not want him to live.

This was a life-and-death battle, and the winner was the king. He did not allow himself to fail.

Jack walked back and reminded him, "Mr. Fu, eat something, please. A ma cannot live without any food. Moreover, if you don't eat well, Lady Fiona might be taken away."

He heard that Francis was inquiring about the whereabouts of Fiona. With the influence of the Lu family, he was expected to find it soon.

Although Jeremy had fallen in love, this love seemed not to be perfect.

"I know."

Jeremy had to pick up the chopsticks and chew them reluctantly. He did not know what he was eating at all.


The two girls, Gail and Nanette asked leave for Fiona and left as they had their own work and couldn't stay with her for 24 hours a day.

Feeling was bored in the hospital, Fiona couldn't help thinking about the bad guy, Jeremy.

She had been in the hospital for two days, but there was not even a call from him. Did he think she was nothing to him?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. But, wait, why should she be angry? Their marriage between him and her was nothing but a piece of paper. There was no other relationship between them.

She was almost driven crazy by the torture from her thinking.

The injury on her shoulder was nothing to her now, so she went through the discharge formalities by herself.

Appearing from nowhere, Jack quickly stopped he

r and said, "Mrs. Fiona, you haven't recovered completely. You can't leave the hospital."

"It's none of your business."

She went on explaining the situation to the nurse. What was more, she still had work to do on the film set, so she couldn't give the chance to Rita for free.

What was more, she was almost raped by a gangster the other night. So far, there was still no result about it and she still needed to work it out.

There were too many things to do for her and she could need time and could not just wait in the hospital. If she had to stay in the hospital instead of waiting for a long time, she would think herself as a useless person.

"Are you sure? You really cannot leave like this."

Jack almost begged to her anxiously.

In a fit of pique, Fiona said, "It's my business to leave the hospital. Even if Jeremy is standing in front of me, I still have to leave the hospital now."

It was none of his business. Her fate was in her own hands.

"Oh, really?" A voice was heard from beside.

Fiona body instantly became stiff. She thought she had misheard him, but after she carefully recalled the voice, she confirmed that it was indeed the voice of Jeremy.

She just said it casually, and she didn't expect he really appeared.

Fiona didn't dare to look back.

Jeremy had no choice but to come to her in person. When he heard that she insisted on leaving the hospital, he had to come to show up. As soon as he reached out his hand and wanted to touch her face, she turned her head away.

Jack understood what was happened and left quickly. He didn't dare to disturb them.

"Don't you remember me?" Why are you so cold?

"I don't know you,"

Fiona said. She had meant what she said. Even though Jeremy stood in front of her, he wouldn't change her mind.

There was nothing Jeremy could do with her. "Do you really want to leave the hospital? Does the wound still hurt? "

"Not at all."

She told him it didn't hurt at all with tears. It hurt so much, but the good point was that there was still a man who cared about her.

"My silly girl, come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"Go back to the ward to change your clothes."

It was time to settle the problem with Rita.

Fiona was confused, but he pushed her back to her ward expertly.

How did he know which room she lived in?

"Let me change them for you?"

Seeing her standing there, he knew that the silly girl must be in a tangle. She needed someone to stimulate her, and he had already known the best way.

As expected, Fiona almost jumped up. She immediately picked up her clothes and ran to the bathroom.

Jeremy took her to a restaurant near the shooting site. Inside the restaurant, Rita had been waiting for Jeremy for a long time.

At the sight of Jeremy, Rita's eyes lit up, and she was so excited to welcome him by coming out of the restaurant. But when she saw Fiona together with him, her face froze.

Jeremy had asked her to have dinner. But why did Fiona come?

Damn it.

After all, she was sure that the hooligan had been bought over by her. He would firmly claim that he was called in by Fiona himself to service her. And he would never sell her out. She could be rest assured.

She pretended to be calm when she was sitting down, but her heart was beating fast.

Jeremy and Fiona sat down, and after he expertly ordered her favorite food, he asked the waiter to leave.

Rita was shocked. She knew what Jeremy liked to eat and wanted to order for him. She couldn't believe that he had just asked the waiter to leave after he ordered Fiona's favorite food.

Fiona was really like a bitch.

A sweet smile appeared on Rita's face. "Brother Jeremy."

"Don't call me brother now."

Jeremy interrupted her and asked, "What happened that night, Rita? Tell me the truth."

"What are you talking about?" Rita acted like a frightened rabbit and murmured, "Jeremy, I don't know what you are talking about!"

Jeremy's smiling face turned and said, "I know you know what I am asking."

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