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   Chapter 27 Waking Up From A Dream

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When he deliberately lowered his voice, his face instantly became serious. She had a bad feeling, so she let him hold her hand and hurriedly followed him.

Gradually far away from the night market, the road was long and dim. Their shadows overlapped on the ground and looked long.

With less noise, the footsteps behind her became more and more intensive. With cold sweat all over her body, Fiona got confused, but the man next to her gave her a little relief. "Don't worry, I will solve it."


At this point, they were in the same boat, and there was no other choice but to believe him.

Soon, Jeremy and Fiona were surrounded by several men who were like hooligans. They lowered their faces and wore evil smiles. When they looked straight at others, their malicious and insidious eyes seemed to stare at their prey.

One of them sneered and said arrogantly, "You are lucky to be met by us."

Now that it was already a habit for Jeremy to protect Fiona who was standing behind his back. He came straight to the point and asked, "Who sent you here?"

He didn't believe that these people would appear without any reason.

"Nobody. We just dislike you."

"Tell me!"

Jeremy roared to his partners. They were almost scared to death by his sudden action.

This man was too powerful.

Someone whispered, "John, forget it. Let's go."

"Walk away!" The man named John was just the one who came out to speak. He slapped the talkative guy and shouted, "Shut up! I will let you go to hell if you dare to mess up my good plan."

John titled his head to one side and looked at Jeremy and Fiona up and down.

Jeremy said immediately, "How much do you want?"

"Mr. Jeremy, you are such a man of great success." The smile on his face immediately disappeared. John said in a severe tone, "But enough money has been given to me for killing you. Today is your last day!"

"Last day? Just you? "

Jeremy said while clenching his fists. Then he rushed to John and gripped his throat with one hand. He looked at him with disdain.

"You..."John got angry because of embarrassment. He didn't expect him to be so fast.

"Didn't you say that today is my last day? Show me your courage! "

Watching the duck get away, John almost wanted to stamp his feet. Although his life was important, he was once trusted by someone. If he failed to do it, he and his brothers' family would suffer from it, and they couldn't afford to bear the consequences.

He simply shifted his target and shouted at his helper, "Catch that woman!"

But she was fast. She put her arms around the man's waist as if he was her life-saving straw. Yes, Jeremy was the only hope for her to live.

She hugged him tightly. The temperature of his body was very high, and little by little infiltrating into her body. Although the danger was near to her, her heart was unprecedentedly calm.

She looked up at Jeremy's handsome face. Was it because of him?

"Well, hold me tight." Jeremy nodded with satisfaction, and then continued to increase the strength of his fingertips. John shrank his body, and his face went red and the color became deeper and deeper.

"You... Let me go! "

John squeezed out several words with all his strength and felt like he had been hollowed out. The rest of his men were dumbfounded and didn't know what to do.

However, Jeremy took advantage of the chance and loosened his grip. Then, he squeezed John's throat again and said, "Why don't you tell me?"

"I don't know what you are talking about. " He pretended to know nothing.

"I will give you another chance."

"I won't say anything!"

Knowing Jeremy's meaning, Fiona took his phone out of his pocket in a hurry and called the police.

As the disaster was looming, a

ll of them were running away.

This was the effect Jeremy had expected. After casting a glance at the man at the back with his teeth clenched, he asked, "Will you tell me or not?"

"Even if I die, I won't tell you!" They just left him and forgot his kindness to them?

Instead of sitting still and waiting for death, it was better to hope for a slim chance of survival.

John silently put his hand into his pocket, which was captured by Fiona. Seeing the shining white light, he waved his knife at Jeremy and shouted, "It's still uncertain who the winner is!"

"No way!" Jeremy was stunned.

He saw Fiona quickly stand in front of him and the knife stabbed into her shoulder. The air was filled with the smell of blood.

He got into a panic with a dull look on his face, which was totally beyond his expectation. He kicked away John and rushed over to hug her.

With a smile on her face, Fiona comforted him: "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

She just felt a little pain. Her head was a little dizzy, and her legs were a little soft. She thought that she couldn't stand.

"You little fool."

Jeremy was angry and felt sorry for her, but Fiona was concerned about John. "Don't let him escape."

"He can't run away."

The whistle of the police car was ringing around, and a gunshot pierced the sky.

But she didn't know what happened after that, because she fainted completely.

When she woke up again, the other two roommates beside her couldn't help but sob with joy. Gail grabbed her hands tightly and asked, "What happened? How did you get into trouble with those hooligans?"

Looking at the bandaged wound on her shoulder, Nanette felt sorry for her and said, "It's lucky that it's nothing serious."

However, Fiona's ears were buzzing. Instead of listening to them, she was looking for a person.

She wanted to know where Jeremy was.

"Fiona, we are talking to you," Gail felt wronged. She was crying, but Fiona ignored her after she woke up. How could she not be aggrieved?

"Yes," replied Fiona belatedly

Nanette slapped Gail on her head and said, "Of course Fiona is looking for the son-in-law of our dormitory. You can't see that. You are smart, aren't you? Can't you see that? "

"But we didn't see Mr. Jeremy."

They were informed to come to the hospital, but they didn't see Jeremy at all.

She thought she would see him after a night, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Fiona became a little disappointed and angry because he was not here with her.

Did she think too much? Indeed, their marriage was not real. What could she ask for?

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Jack, carrying heavy bags, came over to Fiona with a smile. "Madam, are you feeling better? Mr. Jeremy asked me to bring them here. "

Gail whined, looking discontentedly behind the man, but failed to find Jeremy.

"Where's Mr. Jeremy? Why are you here alone?"

"Mr. Jeremy He is on his way home. He has an important meeting today. " Jack knew that he couldn't afford to offend a woman like her. When he drove them back to the hotel last night, Gail kept asking him questions nonstop, and he felt that his head was about to blow. He just wanted to leave as soon as possible, or he would definitely be involved in a series of questions.

He didn't have the guts to tell her things about Jeremy.

With a darkened face, Gail was fuming with anger. "Oh my God! What kind of meeting is that important? More important than his girlfriend? Fiona could have a better man. You can tell him if he continues to act like this, he'll lose Fiona sooner or later."

Fiona's heart jolted. Would she lose him?

Last night when she held him, he was so warm that she thought he was her whole world. Was it a dream that she would wake up?

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