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   Chapter 26 An Encounter

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She had eaten the sugar-coated haws. Jeremy was too shameless. He wanted to rob it from her and eat it.

"You, give me the sugar-coated haws back."

Jeremy took a bite and gave it back to her. The sour and sweet taste filled his mouth and was really good.

She wanted to kill him. He bit the hawthorn that she had not eaten up just now. Would this mean that they were kissing indirectly?

Her face grew hot and she could not face him any more.

Jeremy pinched her cheek and said, "I've returned it to you. Are you satisfied now? Do you still want to eat? "

"No, I don't!"

Fiona replied decisively. At least for the time being, she didn't want to see sugar-coated haws. Especially the half hawthorn that Jeremy had eaten had been deeply imprinted in her mind.

The night market was bustling with people. When they began to walk, Jeremy took her hand.

After a moment's hesitation, she heard Jeremy say, "I'm afraid it's not safe with so many people on the road."

She didn't say anything, but her palm became warm because of the man's temperature.

After shopping for a while, they were about to go back. When they walked out of the night market, they found that Gail and Nanette were not far away.

Damn it! Without any hesitation, she turned around, trying to act like an invisible person. With her eyes closed, she mumbled, "They didn't see me. They didn't see me..."

"Hey, Fiona!"

Without noticing Jeremy's presence, Gail and Nanette stood in front of Fiona and said seriously, "where have you been? Don't you know that we have been looking for you the whole night? "

They slept like a log. If it weren't for Francis knocking at the door, they wouldn't have known what had happened that night.

"Especially for Francis. He is almost driven crazy. He almost knelt down before us in order to find you as soon as possible."

It wasn't long before they received a call from Francis, saying that Fiona was safe now and they couldn't fall asleep, so they decided to go out and find something to eat. To their surprise, they saw Fiona walking around the night market.

They really got angry.

Gail was so angry that she rested her hands on her waist and questioned, "Have you treated us as your friends?"

Previously, Fiona and Rita were always together, so were Gail and Nanette. The three of them finally had a closer relationship these days, but they didn't have deep feelings for each other.

Gail was impetuous and burst into tears.

Then, Fiona tried to find some paper napkins, but she didn't have them on her. The man next to her passed two to her, and said, "Take it easy. I have some."

Not until then did Gail and Nanette find that there was another man, who was very handsome.

"You are..."

They gazed at him with wild eyes. He was so handsome.

Gail, who was usually interested in other's gossip, suddenly came up with an idea. She asked excitedly, "Are you Jeremy?"

'WOW! He is more handsome than what I saw on TV. Even though Francis is also very handsome, he will definitely turn pale in front of Jeremy. I can guarantee.' Gail thought to herself.

Gail took the paper napkin and began to interrogate her: "Hey, Fiona, why are you here with Mr. Jeremy?"

They were not that stupid to believe that they were just normal friends hanging out at night.

Suddenly it occurred to her that when Francis called her just now, he sounded upset. Had he seen Jeremy already?

Alas, he must be sad because he was not as handsome as Jeremy. It was really hard for Gail to choose between the two of them.

He was so handsome and gentle when he passed paper napkins to Fiona.

Seeing Gail was staring at Jeremy, N

anette slightly kicked her and said, "Enough, Gail! Calm down. Don't be so silly in front of Fiona."

"Why should I have the ability to keep calm? What the hell is concentration? "

No way. Anyway, he was the boyfriend of Fiona, so he was the son-in-law of their dormitory. She could appreciate him fair and square.

Suddenly, it occurred to Gail that Jeremy was the man that Rita wanted to introduce to them last time. It was said that he was her idol. Nanette might have not heard that, but she heard it herself.

Gail pulled Fiona aside and said in a low voice, "Fiona, you've hidden deep enough. When did you get involved with Mr. Jeremy?"

"We are..."

She was about to deny it, but was interrupted by the sharp gaze from Jeremy.

"He is the man that Rita loves. If you choose to be with him, she will do more harm to you."

"What am I afraid of?"

She was not afraid of Rita at all. She knew that if she gave in to Rita, the more aggressive she would become. That was why she would try her best to fight her.

Gail patted her shoulder and gave her a thumbs up. "Buddy, I respect you."


Nanette winked at Gail desperately. She was afraid that Jeremy was going to kill her with his sharp eyes. She was so disrespectful. After all, Fiona was a female, the girl that Jeremy liked!

Before Fiona could answer her question, Jeremy stood out and said, "I'm not Rita's boyfriend. I have nothing to do with her. I'm Fiona's boyfriend. But she is very shy. I hope you can keep it a secret for the time being."

He knew that Fiona didn't want the secret to be made public. He had given her the chance and was willing to wait until the day she wanted to make it public.

At this moment, Jeremy did a good job! In this way, she didn't need to explain herself and could deal with Gail's question perfectly. Otherwise, the waste of time would keep talking non-stop tonight.

People's mind of gossip never stopped.

The four people sat in a restaurant, which was the most bustling restaurant in the night market.

Gail and Nanette were nervous, wondering whether they should act generously or act like a lady?

They were so hungry now. If they could choose, they would definitely not hesitate to choose a large bowl of wine and a lot of meat.

Jeremy called the waiter, took the menu and decisively ordered the most expensive dishes in the restaurant.

"That's so kind of you, but..." Gail was very embarrassed.

Jeremy said politely, "That's my pleasure. I am usually a little busy, so I have to rely on you to look after Fiona."

"Of course we will take care of her. Rita dares not to make trouble for her."

It was Rita again!

Jeremy's heart skipped a beat. It seemed that he needed to find an opportunity to solve the problem of Rita. But when he thought of Phil, it seemed that the person he tried his best to match with was Rita.

He had a headache.

Gail and Nanette ate well. After that, Jeremy asked Jack to drive them back to the hotel.

"Go for a walk?"

Jeremy suggested. She ate a lot just now. Thinking of her past, he regretted having not appeared earlier.

But he would protect her life in the future.

Fiona nodded and had to go on walking with him.

The hands of the two touched each other. As if getting an electric shock, she kept a distance from him. Jeremy smiled, "Are you so afraid of me?"

But she didn't say a word.

Jeremy felt he had to try harder to enhance their relationship.

He fixed his eyes on her and suddenly felt that something was wrong with her. This time, he held her hand in spite of her will. Fiona was shocked. "What are you doing?"

"Don't talk and come with me."

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