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   Chapter 25 Dallying With Her

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But Jeremy didn't open the door, instead, he locked it. It was more difficult for the people outside to come in.

Instead of getting changed, he sat at the table, waiting for her to feed him.

He hadn't felt the warmth for so many years. For the first time, he felt it from Fiona and thought that he had made a right decision.

After she brought the food out, she found that Jeremy was still wrapped in the bath towel.

He had no clothes to wear?

She was startled and looked away. "Why don't you go to change your clothes?" She had said that if she didn't change the dishes, she would pour the dishes away.

He didn't take her words seriously at all.

"I'm hungry." He didn't want to change his clothes either. She had to adapt to it sooner or later.


As she replied, she felt as if she took a stone and smashed her own feet.

She wanted to make herself clear.

Jeremy picked up the chopsticks and tasted it. He sincerely praised, "It tastes quite good. I'm very lucky because I can enjoy it every single day in the future."

In the future?

Fiona asked, flabbergasted. Their future was unknown. No one knew whether they could make it or not.

She picked up the chopsticks too.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A sudden knock on the door came. After putting down her chopsticks, Fiona was in a panic and intended to hide. But before she took several steps, she was stopped by Jeremy. "This is our home. Where do you want to hide?"

Jeremy didn't want her to hide. After all, they were a couple.

"But someone is coming."

No one knew the real relationship between her and Jeremy except Olivia. Besides, she also wanted to enjoy the last year of her college life peacefully.

Jeremy held her hand tightly.

"Let go of me."

"No way!" Jeremy didn't let her go, instead, he held her to the door. When the man was about to kick the door, he opened it.

With eyes wide open, Francis couldn't believe what he just saw. He trembled and stammered, "you..."

"Is there a problem?"

Jeremy asked in a casual tone and kissed Fiona's hair. He totally ignored him.

Whoever dared to rob his woman, he would make him suffer.

Francis was pissed off. It was useless to argue with him. He knew he was no match for him at the moment. He wanted to hold the hand of Fiona, but she avoided.

His heart seemed to stop beating at this moment, and it seemed to be broken. Were they really together?

"We have been looking for you the whole night, Fiona."

Francis had been waiting in the hotel, expecting that she would come back. But a few hours later, she was nowhere to be seen. He was very nervous not because of that hooligan, but about Jeremy, who in his mind was even more dangerous than the hooligan.

Since Jeremy had handled things with ease, it turned out that he was actually capable, not like what was said by the outside world. Francis couldn't let him take away Fiona.

He came close to her and pleaded, "Fiona, come with me. I have arranged a room for you in the hotel.

The best and the safest in the world. Nothing dangerous will happen."

He would protect her well.

Jeremy looked down upon the man who dared to play tricks in front of him.

He held her tighter and pulled her into his arms. Looking down at Francis who was also good-looking, he said, "It's very safe here. You have nothing to worry. Please go. We need to have dinner."

"Fiona." Francis was upset. He had to take her away today. "Come with me. Jeremy is not a good man. There will be no good result if you are with him."

"So is there any good result if she chooses to be with you?" Just then, Jeremy loosened his grip on F

iona, grabbed Francis's collar and pulled him out of the room. The door was slammed shut with a big bang.

The corridor was quiet. Jeremy was taller than Francis and now he was oppressive.

With a defiant smile, he asked, "Francis, how dare you shout at me?"

"Why not? Can you make Fiona happy? You are a dangerous man. I don't believe you can protect her? "

While speaking, seeing that Jeremy didn't give up, Francis' momentum became weaker. "I beg you. Fiona is a good girl and she deserves a better man. Just let her go."

"Let her go?" Jeremy snorted and promised solemnly, "I can protect her."

At the cost of life, he was as good as Francis.

"You..." Since Jeremy was so stubborn, Francis had to be cruel to him. "In that case, let's have a fair competition."

Jeremy got inside and closed the door without thinking. He would be too naive to give him a chance to compete fairly.

When he came in, he found that Fiona was standing still, with red eyes, just like a frightened rabbit.

"Don't be afraid. I can protect you. I will do what I have promised you."

He would never allow anyone to bully her.

The voice outside the door lasted, "Jeremy, what kind of man are you? There are plenty of women in the world if you want to have fun. Why do you want Fiona?

Please let her go. How much did you give her? I can give you double..."

She couldn't believe her ears. In his eyes, she was just a woman who could do anything for money.

She immediately bowed her head in front of Jeremy. She thought that she couldn't be friends with Francis, but at least they could get along well with each other in the future. However, just now, he actually said that she was with Jeremy for money.

Oh, no, the Fu family did give money to the Ling family.

She felt rather upset as she found that she acted like a clown in Fu family.

"Don't cry."

Holding her little face in his hands, Jeremy comforted her in a soft voice, "He's just an insignificant person. Don't listen to him. I didn't spend money playing you."

Besides, he was loath to part with her.

Wiping away her tears violently, Fiona replied, "I didn't cry. I was hungry."

Jeremy laughed happily. She was so adorable. He put her on the chair and said, "Okay, okay. If you are hungry, I will feed you."

The meal lasted a long time and there was almost nothing left.

She had a good appetite. Her stomach was stuffed with much food, but it was not enough.

Jeremy saw through her mind and said, "Are you still hungry?"


"Let's go for a walk? It's busy at the Studio City at night. "

Fiona didn't refuse. She couldn't wait to take a chance to go out and breathe fresh air to dissolve the impact on her from Francis.

This time, Jeremy finally changed into a white T-shirt and jeans, looking like a new college student, clean and fresh.

The night market was crowded with people who were wearing costumes as if they were in a drama. There were modern people, and ancient people too. All kinds of people gathered in the same place.

"Do you like sugar-coated haws?" said Jeremy

"How do you know?" Fiona took the sugar-coated haws from his hand. She had been missing the sweet and sour taste for a long time. She took a bite, and it was exactly the taste in her memory. Her mood lit up immediately.


"You like it very much?" She was so easy to be satisfied and he tried his best to make her happy.

With her mouth full of food, she nodded her head steadily, "I like it."

The next second, her hand was empty. She found that the sugar coated haws was already in the man's hand and he was about to eat it.

No way!

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