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   Chapter 24 He Has No Knife In His Hand

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At this moment, Fiona was in a panic. She carefully looked at Jeremy's expressionless face and asked with bitterness, "Don't you believe me?"

The hooligan insisted that she called the service and no matter how he was interrogated, he insisted on his words.

But she hadn't called him!

The mobile phone! The phone could prove her innocence.

She crazily searched for her mobile phone, but found nothing. Damn it! She didn't bring it with her.

"I really didn't do it."

She was almost crying.

Not wanting to continue to tease her, Jeremy had to put his hands on her head and gently comforted her, "I believe you."

"Really?" Her tearful eyes twinkled. She looked delicate and touching. Since he believed her, why did he turn a deaf ear to her countless explanations?

Was he just comforting her?

Fiona was not reconciled at all. She turned around, but was stopped by Jeremy. He raised his eyebrows in confusion. "Do you still want to go in?"

With her mouth twitched, she replied, "You don't believe me, do you? You can go on asking until you get the real answer. "

"Did I say that I don't believe you?" Was it because his voice wasn't loud enough?

"Then why didn't you answer me right away?"

'He must have done it on purpose. I was the one who was scared to death tonight, but he expects me to apologize to him in a humble manner. No way!' she thought.

The world was in a mess.

Jeremy took her into his arms and whispered in her ear, "Your voice is pleasant to hear, so I just want to hear a few more times."

Fiona got speechless, "What..." She was defeated, her face and ears turning red.

Instead of driving to the hotel booked by the team, the car stopped near the hotel.

"Where is it?"

'Don't tell me that he has a house here. I guess poverty really limited my thought.' She thought to herself.

"Do you still want to go back to the hotel?"

No sooner had Jeremy finished his question than Fiona shook her head and answered loudly, "I don't want to." She didn't want to go back. She just wanted to stay away from that place, but unfortunately, she hadn't finished the task this time.

He smiled and led her in.

The room was large and decorated in a simple style, which looked quite cool and comfortable.

After Jeremy went into the kitchen, a few moments later, someone knocked on the door. After she opened the door, Fiona saw Jack standing outside, carrying a lot of shopping bags.

"Mrs. Fiona, Mr. Jeremy asked me to buy these for you. He hasn't eaten anything yet. He has been in such a hurry because he wanted to see you earlier."

This time, Jack wanted to say something more for Jeremy, but he didn't expect that Jeremy without any expression on his face was quietly standing behind Fiona. He was scared, handed his stuff to her and left quickly.

After closing the door, Jack muttered. He was confused why the owner of this house himself looked like a waiter.

Just as she was about to carry things inside, he heard the man behind him saying, "Are these heavy?"

He took them from her hands, indeed a little heavy.

"You haven't had dinner yet?"

Fiona looked at his tired face. His shirt was a little wrinkled. Looking at his face carefully, she found that he was really different from the shy and elegant man he had been when they met for the first time.

But the disheveled beauty made him look more earth-catching.

Jeremy took a look at her and went straight to the kitchen without saying anything.

Fiona was a little worried and followed him into the kitchen. She thought he definitely couldn't cook. She came over decisively, grabbed the food materials from his hand and said voluntarily, "Let me do it. You go outside to have a rest."

"Ok." Jeremy drew back obediently.

He was so obed

ient, which made Fiona confused. She turned around and found him leaning against the door, looking at her with interest.

The corners of Fiona's mouth twitched. She puckered up her head in confusion and asked, "Why are you looking at me?"

"Didn't you say you would cook for me? I want to see it myself. If it doesn't work, I can manage to make it up. "

He knew that many girls couldn't cook nowadays.

As for Fiona, he knew that she would, but he just said that on purpose.

Her voice trailed off. "Why did you agree to let me cook at the first place if you didn't believe I could cook?"

"Haha." With a charming smile, Jeremy said, "I'm pleased that you offered to serve me, your husband."

What a glib tongue!

Husband! Oh God! When she thought of the awkward situation when she called him that word, she turned her head and skillfully began to cook.

It was very late and quiet in the neighbourhood. And in the kitchen, the light was so soft and tender. A beautiful woman was carefully cutting the vegetables and skillfully stirring the food in the pot. The heavy aroma floated in this small space.

To be honest, she didn't dare to look at Jeremy, especially she didn't want to face his sharp eyes, but she was curious if he was in the kitchen.

She stopped what she was doing, turned her ears and listened carefully, but she didn't hear anything.

He should have left.

It was a rare chance for her to get relaxed. She stretched herself and moved her neck. Suddenly, the man behind her shocked her.


He was not there just now, but now he was only wrapped in a short bath towel standing behind her. Some parts of his body were covered with the towel. Other parts without towel glowed under the light and exuded a strong masculine air.

What was he doing?

Pretending to be composed, She went on cooking and unhappily said, "It's too smoky in the kitchen. You'd better go out quickly."

"It doesn't matter."


Well, whatever. Anyway, dinner would be ready soon. But a seductive man's body was near her and sent various signals to her.

The image of that night suddenly popped into her mind which was about to explode.

She reached out her hand and was about to wipe the sweat on her forehead when a tissue was handed over to her. She wanted to take it, but the man had already helped her wipe it quickly.

"Are you tired?"

"I'm... I'm fine. "

Cooking was an enjoyable thing for her. However, how could she cook at ease if there was a time bomb here.

When Jeremy reached out his hand to wrap around her arm, she dodged at once. As a result, the bath towel dropped from the man's body

"Ah! You What are you doing? "

She stepped back quickly and covered her eyes, avoiding his eye contact.

Jeremy felt helpless, "You are not satisfied?"

'satisfied? Didn't he have any sense of shame? Why are you still standing there? Get out of my sight! ".

She was going crazy.

She could feel that her body was burning and she was about to beat him.

Jeremy picked up the bath towel and slowly wrapped it around his body. "I know you are shy, but sooner or later..."

"Shut up, then We will talk about it later. "

She wasn't ready now.

She just pushed him out and before closing the kitchen door, she sternly warned him, "Wear your clothes before dinner, otherwise..."

She couldn't help but raise her voice, "Or I'll pour the dishes away."

The door was crackling. When Jeremy was about to open the door, he saw that Fiona closed the kitchen door in silence. Thinking of her red face, he could not help but gently raise his lips.


Jeremy thought it might be Jack, but he closed the door immediately after he opened the crack.

Damn it! Why did he come here? He had no knife in his hand?

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