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   Chapter 23 Lightning Struck

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Jeremy was about to leave...


"Jeremy! Have you left? "

"Come back! You are my husband!"


Her legs were weak and she didn't know how long she could hold on to this. She had to use this shameless way to call Jeremy back.

Jeremy returned with a pile of quilts in his arms. His face darkened, as if he was trying to hide something.

Fiona was pissed off. She was tricked! 'Damn it! How can he be so impatient every day?'.

As soon as she turned her head, Fiona looked downstairs and found that the police cars and ambulances were being pulled away and there was no cushion downstairs.

How could they leave before the person was saved?

She was so miserable that she could only be saved by Jeremy now.

"Say again."

Jeremy spread the quilt on the ground and smiled, looking at her tangled little face.

Pretending to be ignorant, she asked, "What should I say again? I don't know anything. Did I say anything? Have I ever called anyone? "

She just wanted to run away from this damn window. God knew, when she looked down now, her eyes were blurred and she was scared to death.

There were more than twenty floors above the ground. If she fell, she must be smashed to pieces.

Jeremy sighed, knowing that she was scared, and stopped teasing her.

He stretched out his hands slowly and said in a hoarse voice, "Come down."

"Are you so kind-hearted?" Fiona didn't believe his words. He teased her on purpose just now. Apparently, he didn't want her to be rescued so soon.

"Didn't you just remind me that I was your husband? We are a family. Of course I should be kind to you. Do you want me to show kindness to others? " Was it just a joke?

He looked down from the window. Although it was only one meter higher than downstairs, she was still scared.

"It's so high. I'm afraid that you can't catch me.

It will be painful if I fall down."

Jeremy said as he pointed at the quilt on the floor and tried to convince Fiona, "I have taken the quilt and put it under the floor. Even if I can't catch you, you will fall on the quilt."

Besides, how couldn't he catch her?

Fiona was delighted. If he had told her earlier, she would have jumped off quickly.

In the twinkling of an eye, Fiona jumped down quickly, which frightened Jeremy. He quickly ran towards her and held her in his arms steadily while he himself hit on the quilt.

Luckily there was a quilt under him but her jumping was quite unprepared.

"You..." Fiona was also scared. She didn't expect that Jeremy would catch her with bare hands.

"Get up."

He pulled her up and held her tightly in his arms next second, holding her face in his hands, and said, "Don't scare me in future, okay?"

When he just got off the plane and knew that she had gone to the film set with Francis, he immediately booked the air ticket and flew over.

On his way from the airport to the film set, he was told that Fiona was going to jump off the building!

Jeremy took the driver seat instead of Jack and drove the car himself.

When he saw that Fiona sat by the windowsill, and even a gust of wind could blow her away, he was scared to death.

But he couldn't panic. He calmed down and arranged the police and ambulances to find out the truth. He wanted to make sure everything was all right.

When he knew that there was only Fiona and the hooligan in the room, he kicked the door open at once. Seeing that man kicking the door, he just wanted to kill him to vent his hatred.

He had experienced the pain of losing Fiona when she was bullied by Joey and those playboys once, and now again, he wanted to kill himself.

Jeremy looked at her seriously again and begged, "Can you promise me?"

Noticing his bo

dy was trembling, unexpectedly, Fiona didn't struggle.

She was also scared.

She unconsciously reached out her hands and held him. She also needed the warmth.


Francis pushed Jack away, who stopped him and stormed in, sweat dripping from his forehead.

His hair and his shirt were in a mess, and his buttons were unbuttoned with an abnormal blush on his face.

It seemed that with this look on his face, everyone could guess what sport he was doing just now.

With a cold face, Jeremy said in a low voice, "Get out!"

"Why?" Exclaimed Francis.

"No reason. We don't want to disturb you. Please go back to your room and continue what you were doing. We have something to deal with."

The top priority was to find out who was behind the plot tonight. Jeremy didn't believe that the hooligan would knock on the door of Fiona's room for no reason.

Besides, he didn't believe that she would ask for those so-called service.

Francis was totally enraged by his words. He had drunk too much at night and was seduced by Rita.

But he was only playing with her. The woman he loved most in his heart was only Fiona.

He was so upset that he ran to Fiona. When he just opened his mouth, she stopped him and said, "That's all right. We'll take care of it ourselves."

Satisfied, Jeremy took Fiona out of the room.

He held her almost up, and she was so tired that all the strength was on his arms.

With rage, Francis returned to his room and saw Rita was still lying on his bed. When he was about to drive her away, she suddenly stood up and gave him a hug.

Rita winked at him. "Where have you been? The sound of police car and the ambulance outside scared me to death. It's so good that you are coming back! "

"Get out." He didn't like her acting which made him feel sick.

The smile on her face was so sarcastic that even her face turned pale, "Simply drive me away after playing with me, huh?" Are you a man or not? "

"You know clearly whether I'm a man or not? Besides, everyone knows who you like. "

This was a well-known secret. Ever since Jeremy appeared, the craziness that Rita had displayed was so obvious.

Francis heard that clearly.

He really regretted falling into the trap of this woman tonight. She was not a good woman, and she even couldn't compare with a finger of Fiona.


The moment she heard this, she got so angry that she picked up the clothes on the floor and put them on. "Do you really think that you can be with her? Let me tell you, it's impossible! "

Because she was going to destroy Fiona with her own hands.

Before Fiona showed up, Rita had been the center of attention. But everything had changed since she met her in the University. She became a green leaf that set off Fiona.

A green leaf to set off the thief. How ridiculous was that!

Rita could not stand it.

She slammed the door and stormed out while Francis sat on the bed dejectedly. The room was filled with an air of disgust.

He slapped himself on the face. How did he become like this?

After recording his confession in the police station, the hooligan denied and insisted that it was Fiona who made the call.

Jeremy became impatient. But his repeated questions and repeated threats didn't work.

After they walked out of the police station, Fiona was in a panic because she was afraid that Jeremy wouldn't believe her.

She bit her fingers and could not say a word.

"No, I didn't lie to you. I didn't call that man." She was afraid that Jeremy wouldn't believe her, so she swore to him, "If I really did this, I would be struck by lightning."

She didn't know why, but she just wanted to let Jeremy believe in her. Would he believe her?

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