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   Chapter 20 You Seem Not To Want To See me

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Fiona seemed to be crazy. What on earth was she thinking about?

She was totally abnormal.

"Let me go."

Ignoring the woman's scream, Jeremy stared at her pitiful eyes, and said in a hoarse and magnetic voice, "Do you like Francis?"

He didn't realize his jealousy until he spoke out the question.

He knew that she was sympathetic, and that she had never been involved in any matters with any men, but he still wanted to occupy her heart little by little.

He regretted and was afraid. He shouldn't have asked this question.

Jeremy slowly released his hand and stepped away as if his foot was as heavy as lead. He was very uncomfortable.


Somehow, when Fiona looked at his back, his figure seemed filled with sorrow. She thought that she must have misread it.

Except for the identity of an illegitimate child, he was really an attractive man. She saw many people bow their heads in front of him in a day. Among them there were some people who were well-known throughout the whole country. She did not know his power exactly, but he must be powerful.

But she still tried to correct him and answered "I don't like Francis. He is just one of my acquaintances."

She didn't want him to misunderstand her.

Having promised to marry him and be his wife, she would do what a wife should do.


Jeremy didn't dare to look back. He was nervous but pretended to ask indifferently.

Fiona felt that he was going crazy. Since she had to explained initiative to him about the relationship between her and Francis, why didn't he believe her? She walked up to him and said in a loud voice, "I swear that I have nothing to do with Francis. It was just an accident today."

Jeremy looked at her expressionlessly. After a long time, his face finally returned normal.

He reached out to touch her head longingly and after a while he reluctantly put his hand down.


"Yes! I am here!"

Jack ran to her quickly with a flattering smile. He gave her the phone while explained to her, "My Lady, your phone ran out of power easily. Mr. Jeremy called you several times earlier, but the phone was out of power. He asked me to buy this phone. The one is white and Mr. Jeremy's phone is black. They are a perfect match to each other and suitable for a couple."

What he said indicated not only that they were husband and wife but also told them that they had something special for each other.

Jeremy took over the phone and glanced at him. " You talked too much. Please go out."

This was what Jack had been longing for. Being around Jeremy for so many years, he knew very well what kind of person he was. Every time he got angry, he didn't dare to take a step crossing the line, in fear that he would be smashed to pieces.

The air seemed to be frozen. Neither of them spoke.

His sharp gaze made Fiona scalp tingle.

Without Rita as a friend previously, she would be used to be alone. She didn't know how to get along well with others. She bit her lips, scratching her hair, trying to calm down.

"Are you still angry with me?" she asked first. "I'm sorry for what happened today. I didn't expect that you would come to see my at school."

"If I hadn't come to see you, would you pretended that nothing had happened today?"

His anger came back again after he got a little better. Jeremy did not know why he himself got so angry.

What should he say? She did not know what to do. Although they had gotten the marriage license and she was willing to marry him, they had nothing to do with each other except those two thin marriage certificates.

Should she tell him before he asked? She didn't think it was necessary.

Besides, it was not a good thing.

She was caught in a dilemma. Judging from Jeremy's attitude, she guessed that it was very hard for her to cheat him just by say some good words.

"Forget it." Jeremy broke the silence and put the cell phone in her hand. "Take up the cell phone and call me first if there is anything. Otherwise, I will kill Francis."

It was b

ecause Francis cared too much.

Fiona had the feeling to laugh as she felt Jeremy was kind of cute.

The rumor about the photos finally subsided. Fiona became well-known at the school, At first she was said would be expelled. But later, the school clarified the rumor, and warned the students to get along well with each other and not to spread this rumor privately.

As soon as this rumor was handled like this, everyone knew that it was not good to offend Fiona, so they didn't dare to treat her with color-tinted glasses.

In the dorm.

"I'm so envious of you, Fiona. I heard that Francis told you that he loves you,"

Gail was a bit gossipy. She got the information from one of Francis's roommates the first time. She repeated Francis' roommate's words, "I heard that Francis called Fiona's name in his dream, and have seen one of his books full of Fiona's name on it "

Nanette seemed to have discovered something new. "Oh my God! He has hidden it deeply. Everyone believes that Francis just a straight-A student and knows nothing else."

"Bah, look at your words. Francis is a person who is going to be a director, How can he make such an affectionate video with no romantic story? By the way, the theme of the video is a secret love."

As soon as an idea came to her mind, Gail immediately turned on the computer and typed to search for something.

Fiona, who was reading on her bed, couldn't bear it and pleaded, "Girls, stop gossiping about me. I have nothing to gossip about. Francis is a good man. Don't talk about him behind his back."

She had nothing to do with Francis and she had to draw a line between them.

Speaking of Francis, she did not want to be involved in anything with him.

She tried to avoid him, but later there would be an activity in the community... She wanted to go, but Francis would attend it as well.

Gail pursed her lips, "Hey, I was just kidding. I respect your choice. Well, will you go to the visit the Studio City, Fiona? It is said that if any of us performs well, the teacher will recommend the one to have an internship at the film crew. This is much better than studying at school."

"I am hesitant."

The most important reason was that he didn't know how to mention it to Jeremy. The fact the she had to meet Francis was not that important.

They had just got married, so there were a lot of things that hadn't been discussed well. Besides, because of this marriage, the Ling family received a large amount of money from the Fu family. If she was involved with any other man, she would be very sorry for her husband, Jeremy.

She sighed.

Seeing this, Gail made a decision for her and said, "Let the three of us go together."

"Let me think."

After Fiona's phone rang, both Gail and Nanette did not speak to her and went to read books.

Fiona went to the balcony and took the phone. As it is going through, she heard the sweet voice from the other side of the phone, "How are you doing these days? I'm on a business trip abroad. I don't have time to accompany you."

"Don't worry. I'm fine."

"Did anyone bully you in your school?" Jeremy clenched his phone and thought, 'What a heartless girl she is! She didn't call me once during my business trip.'

If He wouldn't call her, he would never receive her call.

Fiona had a good life. The school leaders had intervened in her matter. The whole school knew that she shouldn't be provoked. She had received much attention from the school, so no one dared bully her anymore.

She shook her head.

"I still have one week to go."


So it meant was that she wouldn't see Jeremy for the next whole week, so it was not necessary to report the activities to visit the Studio City to him

The annoying question hovering over Fiona was solved at once. She wanted to go to the Studio City and she made the decision happily..

There was a hint of displeasure in Jeremy's voice. "You don't seem to want to see me?"

He was holding the air ticket given by Jack. The date was exactly tomorrow.

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