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   Chapter 19 Being Touched

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The knock at the door seemed to appear right at the most important time. It must mean that he had bad luck.

Francis didn't want to open the door and it was a rare opportunity for him to go for her.

He then seriously declared again, "Fiona, I'm serious. I've liked you for three years. I like you very much."

The man standing outside the door snorted as he heard the romantic sentences.

Jack, who was standing close to Jeremy, sympathized with him who was not able to know the situation. He was so ambitious to chase Young Master Jeremy's wife.

Kevin paused. His hand reddened because he had knocked on the door. He wanted to break in. After all, no man would like to see his wife stay in the same room with another man who told her he liked her.

"Keep knocking," Jeremy suddenly ordered.

Jack was rendered speechless with sweat on his forehead. How long would it take?

" Are you unwilling to go on knocking?"

Jeremy cast a sharp glance at Jack, who was about ten centimeters shorter than him. Jeremy had clenched his fists.

He was fast enough. When he got the news, he called Fiona as soon as he could, but he didn't expect that no one answered the phone at first. After Ella answered the phone later, he found that her phone was left at home.

He had rushed to find out where she was. When he arrived there, he was one step slower. He let someone get earlier that him. What was more, he even heard another man's affectionate words to her.

She was his wife!

Jeremy felt like his heart was bitten by thousands of ants. He was suffering from anxiety in both body and mind. The knocking on the door disturbed him as well.

Finally, he could not stand it any more. He kicked the door hard.

Jack was almost frightened to death. With his eyes wide open, Jack carefully looked at the expression on Jeremy's face and then his feet.

"Get out!"

After receiving the order, Jack immediately followed Jeremy obediently.

Noticing that the man and the woman stand face to face, Jeremy couldn't help but raise his hand. He was hurt by the man's affectionate expression.

Clap! Clap! He clapped his hands.

"Why don't you go on?"

He was waiting for what else Francis would say.

Looking at the man who had just broken in, Francis immediately realized who he was after a careful observation. Was he... He stood between Fiona and Jeremy, protecting her and said, "Don't be afraid. I'm here with you."

"Come here."

Jeremy neglected Francis and called Fiona over. Jeremy was so angry that he was on the verge of bursting out.

Francis observed Fiona carefully. When he saw that her hand struggle in his hand, he held it tightly. "Don't go. He is not a good man. There is bad news about him outside everywhere."

"Ha ha!" With a smile, Jeremy thought, 'I didn't expect I am so famous. That's right. I have never been low-key before. After all, some of the plots need to be watched. Or else I wouldn't be able to live without being hurt today.'

"What are you laughing at?' Francis asked rightfully. It's impossible for Fiona to be with you. She is my girlfriend!"

However, Jeremy's eyes were still fixed on Fiona. And he raised his eyebrows and asked, "Really? Then I'll ask your girlfriend whether she comes to me or not."

The problem fell on Fiona again. She really wanted to be an invisible person and not to be involved in all these things.

"Do you need me to carry you in person?"

As soon as Jeremy finished his words, he rushed to her and held her up in the air.

He rolled his eyes at Jack, and the latter instantly understand him, and stopped Francis who was shouting behind.

"Jeremy Fu, shame on you! You are robbing a woman openly!"

No wonder

you are an illegitimate child."

Upon hearing him, Jeremy stopped and hugged Fiona harder.

With his arms around her chest, she whispered in a voice that could only be heard by the two, "Let's go."

The man was overjoyed. He instantly reduced the strength on his hands, and could not help walking lightly.

Getting out of the room, Jeremy put her down, as he knew Fiona was sky and was not willing to be carried by him in public. He took her hand and swaggered her to the door of the president's office.

Fiona was confused totally. What did he want to do?

The person inside the president's office opened the door for him and bent over. "Mr. Fu." A voice was heard with respect.

"Well, let's go inside first,"

Jeremy answered coldly. After entering the office, he was arranged to sit in the middle of the sofa. Fiona had to sit with him. She felt like on pins and needles.

She had just experienced great humiliation here, but now, things had changed completely. Their eyes were flattering her? What the hell?

Was Jeremy that powerful?

The president served the tea himself and respectfully handed it to Jeremy. With an apologetic smile, he said, "Mr. Fu, we've misunderstood something. We now all know that Fiona is your wife and it is reasonable that she gets out of your car. What was showed on the Internet is absolutely wrong."

The headmaster nudged the guy beside him, who went on the subject. "The post on the forum has been deleted. As for the post on the Internet, the school will also issue a statement. We will not let Fiona to be hurt at all."

Jeremy snorted. He didn't take the tea from the headmaster. He had asked someone to delete all the posts that related to this matter and make people pay attention to it around the clock. Once anyone said anything bad to Fiona, it would definitely be deleted in the first time.

Those jerks who did only the surface work could only make him more depressed.

The reason why he brought Fiona here was only to clarify her relationship with Francis.

He didn't want other men to stand up for his wife.

"I don't want the school to have any voice that was bad to my wife anymore."

After that, Jeremy stood up and said goodbye.

His wife!

Fiona heard clearly. He was supporting her. His every word was powerful, simple and crude.

He was announcing their relationship to the leader of the school.

She was stunned. She had thought that their relationship would be a secret and they would be separated secretly in the future, so that it would not cause any trouble to them. But now, he didn't care about himself at all and just defended her.

"Let's go." The corners of Jeremy's mouth curled up. He teased her, "You won't leave until I carry you, right?"

Fiona was shocked and sped up a few steps. Then she looked back just like a wife and said earnestly, "I can walk."

"You little silly girl."

As the class was over, Fiona went home with Jeremy directly. During the same day, she went back home twice. So she memorized the road very well.

However, she was still in a bad mood. Although he had clarified the fact to the school leaders, she was still misunderstood by others.

She was still struggling.

As soon as she entered the door, she was pressed against the door. She felt a little pain in her back.

Realizing what had happened, she was scared to death. She struggled madly and shouted, "you... What are you doing? Didn't you say you wouldn't force me to do anything? "

He was a bad guy. He broke his words! She was deeply moved on the way home a moment ago.

His body was very close to her and she could feel his strong muscles. She remembered that she untied his shirt this morning...

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