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   Chapter 18 Don't Know How To Appreciate Favors

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Fiona's heart was thumping. She was terrified. With the bunch of school leaders, Rita was clearly aiming at something. Her purpose was not simple.

She felt as if she had been poured cold water from the head to the feet, and she tried to comfort herself, who was trembling.

"Please come with us, Fiona."

The middle-aged man, who spoke in a low voice, wore a pair of black rimmed glasses and looked very stern. As far as Fiona recalled, he was the principal of the University.

"Okay." She had to go out obediently.

Many students curiously stretched their necks, trying to follow her out and see what happened. Then the professor slapped the desk and scolded loudly, "Are you still having the class or not? You're just making trouble all the time. You're still students. Do you know what you should do? Even the principal came. What on earth did you do? "

The noisy classroom suddenly quieted down.

Fiona's guilt increased.

She was called out by the principal in public and all of them looked indifferent. She was under great pressure.

A few minutes later, in the principal's office.

A printed copy of the material was hit on her face. Fiona picked it up and had a look. It was the photo that she got off from Jeremy's car. But the photos were handed over to her from the principal. There must be some misunderstanding.

She immediately explained, "Mr. principal, I can explain..."

"Fiona, many letters of complaint about you have been sent to me before. I thought that you were still young and got scholarship every year. I have given you many chances. But I didn't expect that you would have something to do with that man for money. You are shameless!"

The principal also blamed himself. Now this matter not only spread in the school forum, but also in the Internet. Many people were accusing the school for not educating the students well and it was related to the school's reputation. So she should be severely punished.

A method to remove the tumor must be thoroughly done.

Fiona understood what the principal just said. She was reported.

She glared at Rita in rage. "You did it, didn't you?"

It must be her. How could Rita do that? Even if they could not be best friends, there was no need for her to drive her away. She still had the illusion just now, but now it was shattered, and she heard the sound of her heart breaking.

Her attempt to pursue her freedom was destroyed by Rita.

Rita raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips in a casual manner. "Fiona, just admit what you have done. Why do you slander me? Moreover, it is buzzing online. You don't even take a self-criticism but make trouble for others. Shame on you? "


She tried her best to fight back.

What had happened in the past two days was like a nightmare. She looked at the principal beseechingly.

"Mr. principal, I can explain it to you. He is not..."

"Can you swear that you didn't get off that luxury car and didn't cause an adverse effect on the school? Fiona, we have try our best to find the best choice for you. You'd better leave quietly. " The principal said.

Hearing what the principal said, Fiona asked in a weak voice, "Mr. principal, do you mean to expel me from school?"

No! No way! She didn't want that!

"Mr. principal!"

It was the voice of Francis Lu. As soon as Fiona turned around, all the others looked at the man.

Francis stood out, clenching Fiona's hand and said confidently, "Mr. principal, you misunderstood. Fiona actually came out of my car."

As for the car, it was a limited edition. Francis tried his best to get it prepared at home.

The principal got puzzled. Francis was one of the straight-A students of the senior director department in the school. And he was the most handsome, popular and promising student. The school was proud of him.

However, to his surprise, he stood up for F


The principal looked at him and asked, "you mean..."

Francis nodded incessantly and raised Fiona's hand without hesitation, "Yes, I mean that she is my girlfriend. We are in normal relationship, not as it was said on the internet. It seems that someone has planned it. Mr. principal, I can guarantee her moral quality."

Fiona was very miserable.

'What's wrong with everything? I'm in a haze. I could have been brave and straight, but he just said that I'm his girlfriend out of nowhere, ' she thought.

Actually, they were not even friends.

It was so ridiculous. She was afraid that there was nothing she could do to remove the stigma off her name.

"No, It was not..."

Francis covered her mouth with his strong hand, and before she could say anything, he said, "Mr. principal, if you don't believe me, I can ask my parents to come over."

The principal didn't know what to do. Francis' parents were renowned in the city. He didn't want to offend them.

He nodded awkwardly, "Okay, we will continue to investigate. We will apologize to Fiona if we find that it is a misunderstanding."

The next second, Rita was outraged. She thought that she could wait for the good news that Fiona would be dismissed. However, things turned out to be different.

"Mr. principal, it's a fact," she continued

Francis cast a burning glance at Rita and then took Fiona out of the room.

As soon as she walked out of the principal's office, she saw a lot of people gathering outside the door. They must be here to laugh at her.

People were afraid of being famous. This time, she was humiliated.

"Come with me." Francis smiled broadly.

"Where are we going?"

Without saying anything, he walked into the activity center and opened a room. After he closed the door, he poured her a glass of water and said considerately, "Drink some water to refresh yourself."

He had read the rumor on the Internet, but he didn't mind. The person he liked was only her, and he believed that she was not such a superficial woman.

Fiona was holding the paper cup. The hot water with steam spraying on her face brought some warmth to her body.

After thinking for a while, she said decisively, "Francis, it has nothing to do with you."


Fiona frowned in confusion.

Afraid of scaring her away, Francis explained in a soft voice, "Look at you. You are so nervous. We are friends. It's my duty to help you. I can't let you endure the punishment for nothing."

"It doesn't matter."

In fact, she didn't care much about it. She had been doing right and sitting upright. She hadn't done it so she would never admit it no matter how she was discredited.

She put the paper cup down and said gratefully, "Thank you for your kindness, Francis. But you don't have to do this for me. I'm really sorry."

Who was Francis? He with handsome look, was a big shot in the school. He did this out of kindness but Fiona was afraid that it would bring her many unnecessary troubles.

If the school knew that she was his girlfriend, she would definitely be savagely reviled.

Francis wasn't joking. He really wanted to be her boyfriend.

"I like you, can you be my girlfriend?"

The confession was sloppy without flowers or chocolate, but he would make up for it later.

He looked at the delicate face of the woman in front of him, who he had been missing day and night. His Adam's apple was rolling and his voice was trembling. "I am serious. Can you give me a chance!"

"I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend!"

He didn't have the courage to blurt out these words in the past three years, but now he had to take this chance to show her his true feelings.

Right at this moment, there was a knock on the door. Francis felt upset, 'I hasn't finished expressed my love to her yet. Who the hell is it that coming at such a critical time?

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