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   Chapter 17 She Is Ruthless

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Fiona had been waiting for Jeremy to wake up. While he was sleeping, she had considered for a long time and believed that marrying him was the best choice.

She had no other choice.

Not to mention she was unhappy in the Ling family, even Rita and those playboys who had written the guarantee would entangle her. They would not let her go.

It seemed that her only choice was to marry Jeremy and stay with him peacefully.

"What are you thinking about?"

Jeremy stood up. The sticky skin made him uncomfortable. He took off his clothes while walking without thinking.

So, when she turned her head, she saw that Jeremy was in a good shape with clothes off.

She was shocked and asked, "What are you doing?"

She hugged herself subconsciously. She hadn't agreed to marry him so that he couldn't bully her.

Jeremy was amused by her lovely move. He got close to her and said with a smile, "what are you thinking all day? If you don't like it, I won't force you. "

"I I'd like to marry you. "

Jeremy stopped and looked at the woman who looked serious.

She had thought it over. Was it a proof that he was not bad in her heart?

"But you said you wouldn't force me. You have to wait for me to get ready. If you want to divorce me, I will not hesitate at all and will not become a stumbling block on your marriage with other women."

'Look at this girl. She is so serious. How can she compare me with those playboys?'.

He nodded helplessly. "Okay."

Then he turned around and went into the bathroom.

A few seconds after he closed the door, there was a knock. Jeremy felt very nervous. Did she regret it?

He put his hand on the doorknob, but he did not have the courage. He did not want to hear her refusal all his life.

"What is it?"

He asked in a hoarse voice.

Fiona still knocked at the door. "The wound on your back hasn't healed yet. You'd better not get wet."

What if it got worse?

"I have to take a shower. Can you help me?" Jeremy opened the door happily and looked up and down Fiona. She was a little cute.

Fiona scratched her head and said reluctantly, "Let me help you clean your back."

This was what she could do. Except for the back, the rest parts of his body could be handled by himself. She decided to do this for him.

Jeremy looked into her eyes and said, "Are you sure you want to help me?"

He couldn't help but hold her again when he saw her red face. He pinched it without hesitation. It was smooth and tender. He couldn't help but think of that night, when they slept together. That night was so beautiful.

Having guessed that she would refuse him, Jeremy didn't expect too much, so he closed the door of the bathroom again.

"Wait. Let me help you."

Fiona comforted herself, 'Anyway, he got injured because of me. I can't let his injury become worse.'

They were a couple, and sooner or later they would become a real couple.

She didn't have to be afraid.

After telling Jeremy to sit on the sofa in the bedroom, she went to the bathroom and took out a large basin of water with a towel in it.

Blushing, she unbuttoned his shirt and hurried to turn her head away.


As she unbuckled his buttons one by one, she felt as if time had passed very slowly. Her action had been slowed down from time to time, and her body was covered with a layer of hot sweat, corroding her nerves.

"If you don't want to..."

Jeremy didn't want to make things difficult for her, so he tried to help her out.

"No, I'm not embarrassed. I'm a little shy. Just give me some time. I will soon adjust it."

After taking a few deep breaths, she finally opened her eyes. She thought of those doctors, thinking that she would enter a film set one day. Not only would she write the intima

te scene, but she would also see for herself. Why didn't exercise now?

Of course, Jeremy didn't know that he was just a trial product. It would be too shameless to let Fiona finish it. So he stopped her, "I'll do the rest myself."

At this moment, Fiona, who was at the final relief, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She ran out of the bedroom, with her heart still beating fast, with a speed as fast as when she encountered danger. She patted her head hard. She seemed to be a little abnormal.

She still had classes in the afternoon, so Jeremy drove her to the University in person.

Before getting out of the car, she cautiously suggested, "can you stop driving me from now on? I want to keep a low profile."

"As your husband, is this not what I should do? If you want to keep a low profile, I'll change my car next time. " However, Jeremy had no experience in pursuing girls. In order to keep a low profile himself, he had always driven a cheap car. Today, he intentionally took out the sports car from the garage.

He thought houses and cars could give women senses of safety. He wanted to give her that.

With a mixed feeling of anger and fury, he explained in a serious tone, "... I mean, it's easy to travel around now and I can go to the school by myself. "

"What time is it?" Jeremy took a look at his watch. Then he heard a "ah" from the woman who got off the car quickly.

Jeremy looked at her back, laughing.

As soon as Fiona entered the classroom, Gail and Nanette greeted her. She sat down beside them.

Gail took out her phone and pointed at the school forum. She lowered her voice and solemnly said, "You're a hit, Fiona."


There were a lot of rumors about her at the University, which had never crossed her mind.

Although she had lived in the Ling family for many years, she still remembered their kindness all the time. She didn't want to spend their money. After classes, she often went to work. Sometimes she came back late so there were many rumors about her.

She had already got used to it.

Gail and Nanette didn't have much contact with Fiona and they were doubtful of the comments on the campus forum, because there was no proof every time.

But this time, the proof was quite clear.

Fiona got out of the luxury car!

Seeing their mysterious expressions, Fiona was more curious about what had happened. She simply grabbed Gail's cell phone and saw the bold title: school beauty with a luxury car, nothing more flirtatious.


It was what happened just now? It was not easy for her all these years. She had no choice but to shut her mouth. She took out the book sullenly, but when she just put down the book, she found that many people were staring at her with fierce eyes as if they were going to eat her up with their mouths widely opened.

Her face was pale. "Why are you looking at me?"

"Of course, we want to see how you seduce men."

Fiona remembered the voice. The owner of the voice in the dorm this morning slandered her with all her strength. Now, in front of one hundred students with the presence of the teacher, Rita showed no respect to her again.

Bestie? What the hell!

Then Fiona roared at her, "Rita, don't push me too far!"

A sly smile appeared on her face. Rita enjoyed bullying her. Taking a few steps back, she ran out of the room at once. In less than a minute, she came back with several majestic middle-aged men.

Fiona remembered that she had met some of these men, who were school leaders.

Rita was obviously against her and leaving her no way to go. She was afraid that the school would punish her. She had hoped that one day she would become a well-known scriptwriter. At the moment she was facing an internship, it was a critical moment.

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