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   Chapter 16 Apologize

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Olivia purposely sprained her ankle. With her years of exquisite techniques of seducing men, she was able to stand stably and fall on Jeremy.

She liked handsome men, especially those with good figure. She believed that they could do well in bed.

The more she thought about it, the more satisfied she became. She couldn't wait.

She didn't expect that God was so kind to Fiona that he would let her marry Jeremy Fu instead of Caspar Fu.

Damn it!

"Miss Olivia, please behave yourself!"

Jeremy silently moved his body, leaving Olivia's head pounding on the table, and there was a clicking noise on her feet. It was so painful!

"Mr. Jeremy" Olivia was stunned. After a while, she winked and frowned, and eventually tears were squeezed out of her eyes.

She was so happy to see Jeremy pick up the tissue. Olivia thought he would give her the tissue, but instead, she saw him wipe his hand. He said to her coldly, "Miss Olivia, this is not a film set. With this kind of poor acting skill, no wonder you can't be a top star."

Fiona almost wanted to acclaim for him, although he was so mean. Looking at Olivia's red face full of anger which seemed to have nowhere to vent, she felt quite good.

But she was still cheated last night. She mocked herself, "Yes, my dear cousin is really bad at acting, but I am more stupid."

She was so stupid that she had been taken advantage of.

Last night, Jonas and Melissa slapped her face. There was still pain on it. She would never forget that desperate feeling.

Jonas laughed wildly, trying to break the embarrassment. "Fiona, what happened last night has passed. I know I have wronged you, so we are here today to apologize to you with those people."

"So how to apologize? There is nothing on your paper. I'm not blind. "

She was not easy to be bullied. She wouldn't be fooled by them for the rest of her life.

Last night, they did not save her, but she was kind enough to agree to go there to save Olivia, but what happened then? Didn't they know what kind of person their daughter was?

In the past, nothing serious happened. She could just smile as if nothing had happened, but last night, she couldn't.

She looked gratefully at Jeremy. If it was not him last night, she was afraid that...

The nightmare of last night was still vivid in her mind.

How could Jonas smile! Was he the person who made her feel the warmest in the Ling family?

Jonas was embarrassed. They had been so kind to Fiona before. How could they be compared with those playboys. They would lose their self-esteem if they did so.

He replied reluctantly, "Fiona, there was some misunderstanding last night."

As she was trying to refute them, Fiona said righteously, "I don't think there was any misunderstanding."

"But those rich playboys didn't say they were manipulated by Olivia. You can't just blame it all on her, right?" Jonas tried to reason with her. After all, Olivia was his daughter. Anyway, he must stand on her side.

He still refused to take his responsibility!

Right, in this city, everyone knew that the Ling family and the Fu family had a relationship because of the marriage, even if the Ling family had made a huge mistake, no one dared to tell on them.

They had nothing to fear, but she wouldn't buy it.

Pointing at the white paper, Fiona said, "If you don't want to apologize, then just leave. This is my house."

"Fiona!" Jonas got angry. She used to be gentle and obedient, but now she had changed so much overnight. It was hard to believe.

He looked at her up and down madly, trying to find out that she wasn't Fiona.

But the more he looked at her, the more he could see that woman's shadow on her face. His head was tortured to death. He raised the pen with difficulty and wrote a guarantee in one breath.

Olivia was so angry that she stamped her feet to show her dissatisfaction, "Dad!" She didn't want her family to be bullied like a dog.

As soon as he finished writing, Jonas immediately dragged Melissa and Olivia outside. He didn't want to see Fiona at all.

When they were outside, Olivia got angry. She shook off his hand and said, "Dad, are you a man or not? How could you apologize to that woman and even write a guarantee? Are you crazy? Our family is so kind to her. She owes us a lot. How can she treat us like this? "

"Shut up!" Jonas warned.

Afraid of Jonas's doubt, Olivia pouted her lips and denied, "I have nothing to do with what happened last night. I was indeed threatened by those playboys, and you have seen it. As far as I am concerned, it is just that Fiona relied the man to make a fuss with us."

They didn't expect that Jeremy, the illegitimate child, had the ability to make those people apologize obediently. He was really mysterious.

Jonas walked away without looking back. Both Olivia and Melissa stood there, full of anger.

The villa suddenly became quiet, as if nothing had happened just now.

What on earth had she done to deserve to let those people with fame and prestige in this city humble themselves in front of her? It was not true.

"Can't believe it? Do you want them to come back and apologize to you again? "

Noticing that she liked oranges, Jeremy directly peeled another one for her.

But Fiona shook her head immediately, "No, thanks."

"Is orange sweet?"

"What?" Her mouth was covered by sweet orange again, and Fiona's voice was completely drowned. She enjoyed the orange very much and ate it up.

"You want more?"

Seeing that Jeremy stretched out his hand and wanted to take the orange again, Fiona could imagine the feeling when her lips just touched his clean fingertips, and her face became red and hot.

She must be crazy!

"I can do it myself."

Fiona didn't realize it until she ate several oranges in a row and asked uncertainly: "Isn't the situation too serious today? Will they make trouble again?"

She didn't want everyone in the city to know about this. She was just an ordinary woman. She should have lived an ordinary life. Even if she was with Jeremy, she wouldn't have a happy ending.

But Jeremy didn't think so, "They dare not do anything."

He leaned against the sofa and gave a groan of pain as if his back was touched by something.

As soon as she heard that, Fiona asked worriedly, "what's wrong with you? Did you get hurt last night? "

"I'm fine."

"You are not." She directly lifted up his shirt without thinking anything.

Oh God! His back was covered with blood streaks. She could imagine how hard Phil had exerted to hit him on the back last night.

She reached out her hand. She dared not look at it, but she had to.

He could have been spared from this kind of torture, but for her sake... Her tears unbridled, and fell on his back.


After feeling the tears on his back, Jeremy knew she was crying. He turned around and grabbed her hand. "Don't worry about me."

"How can I not worry about you?" He must be in pain.

"Then marry me."


Fiona knew his nature was hard to change. So, she didn't argue with him anymore. Instead, she helped him walk into the bedroom and found the first-aid box. After running up and down to apply the medicine to him, she was out of breath.

Jeremy was sleeping with his eyes closed. She reached out to touch his eyes which were not aggressive.

"Maybe it's not bad to marry you."

But she was afraid that he would despise her one day. Sooner or later, he would find out.

That secret lingered in her mind. She covered her collar, fearing that he would be disappointed in her in the future.

What should she do?

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