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   Chapter 14 Let's Wait And See

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Fiona's ears buzzed in utter shock.

This was the friend that she thought she could trust the most, the one she could rely on. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Shut up! Do you have any idea who I am? If you get on my nerves, I'll make sure you two never see the light of day. You'll never find a good job!"

Rita made sure she established her footing with these two. After all, graduation theses were about to be handed in soon. She hoped Fiona could help her with her thesis.

Smugly, she thought to herself, 'What a freeloader! She thinks she can marry into the Fu family and become the daughter-in-law of the Fu family? Hell no. I'm going to do everything I can to stop her.'

Jeremy was the only man for her. The minute she saw him, she knew he was the one—it was love at first sight. How could she stand back and watch him marry another woman?

It came as a surprise that Fiona didn't end up marrying Caspar. Instead, she married Jeremy. This stirred up conversations among their circle—everyone was practically talking about it.

Did she really deserve that? Inwardly, Rita felt giddy at the idea of Fiona getting kicked out by the Fu family.

"She's just pretty! What's the big deal?" Rita said in a huff.

Fiona silently made her way to their dormitory room, easily spotting Rita through the gap between the door and the door frame.

Gail and Nanette didn't say a word when they saw Fiona standing by the door, mouths agape.

Meanwhile, Rita took this as a sign of submission from the two. With a triumphant smile on her face, she said, "I don't think you two will attempt to stand in my way anymore."

Just as she turned to leave, she saw Fiona standing at the doorway.

'Damn it! When did she come back? How much did she hear?'

Rita's face turned pale. She opened her mouth to greet Fiona, but Fiona cut her off, "Do you really see me that way, Rita?" The color continued to drain out of Fiona's face.

How she wished that this was all just a nightmare and that everything would be fine after she woke up!

Unfortunately, every single word that Rita had just said was still ringing in her ears.

This was her best friend and she caught her saying terrible things about her behind her back. She never would have believed it if she hadn't heard her with her own ears.

"What? I didn't do anything. I need to go. I have something to deal with. It's urgent."

Rita arched her eyebrows as she attempted to bluff her way out of this. She hoped that she could fool Fiona if she talked glibly enough.

"Tell me the truth!" Fiona shrieked. The air around them seemed to be frozen.

Rita trembled slightly. She had

known Fiona for three years. They had always gotten along and they never fought. Whenever she needed help, Fiona had never failed to be there for her.

The last thing she expected from Fiona was this reaction—angry and resentful. She was almost frightened by this Fiona.

She put on a lopsided grin as she mumbled awkwardly, "No, I was just kidding."

"Is that so? I treated you as my sister. But what about you? From now on, we're no longer friends. I don't ever want to see you again."

She had never expected this of her own best friend.

"Hey, Fiona Qiao!" Rita scowled. Her pride couldn't stand the idea that Fiona had taken the initiative to end their friendship. She decided to fight back. She bellowed, "Do you think I like being friends with you? Do you know how hard it was for me to get along with a piece of scum like you all these years?"

She was from a rich and powerful family. Fiona should be honored to have a friend like her.

In the next second, she turned around to look at Gail and Nanette. She then raised her finger and pointed it to Fiona's face. "You may not know what kind of scum she is but a leopard cannot change its spots. She was a thief in her childhood. You should be very careful not to..."


Fiona couldn't stand it anymore. Her dark past had hardened her.

She had thought no one knew about this except the members of the Ling family. She was surprised to find out that Rita knew about it as well. Today, Rita even brutally aired her dirty laundry to her roommates.

She hated herself so much. How could she be so blind as to be friends with Rita for three years?

Rita attempted to fight back but Fiona was too quick for her as she seized Rita's hands, bruising Rita's arms.

Rita then wriggled herself free of Fiona's grip and spat, "Well, today's your lucky day. Just wait and see!"

With that, she turned and left, slamming the door behind her.

Fiona wiped her tears, trying to convince herself that Rita wasn't worth crying over but still, the tears kept coming.

She wanted to relish the warmth of their friendship, but it seemed that even God was against her.

Frustration welled up inside her.

Sighing, Gail and Nanette approached her and rubbed her back as a way to comfort her. "Don't be sad, Fiona. I'm sure we can continue being friends and looking after each other."

"Thank you."

Fiona burst into tears at the kindness and loyalty that Gail and Nanette showed her.

Since her phone had been ringing for a while, she took her phone out. She answered in a low voice, "What's up?"

Jeremy immediately sensed that something was off, so he inquired, "Are you crying?"

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