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   Chapter 13 The Quarrel

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She could feel his breathing, so she opened her eyes, only to find his lips just a few inches away from hers. What was he trying to do?

"I still wanted to feed you." Jeremy seemed mildly disappointed.

Fiona took the pills from his hand. She took a deep breath before downing the pills followed by gulping down a glass of water. Not long after, she fell back asleep.

Jeremy couldn't help but feel upset. Was he that terrible?

He had a sleepless night that night. He refused to leave until her fever went down. When he got up to leave, he almost lost his balance.

Upon seeing this, Ella scurried over to him to help him. He adamantly refused. "Take care of her, not me!"

"All right."

Ella frowned. She was not surprised at all. Jeremy always kept a distance from others.

'Maybe he wants to pretend he's strong even though he's not feeling well. Perhaps, he doesn't want to show his weak side in front of his bride. He's possibly truly in love with her,' Ella thought to herself.

It must be difficult to be a stubborn man like him. In the same vein, it must be heartwarming to see such a normally cold and distant man be so affectionate and loving.

The following day, the first person Fiona saw as soon as she woke up was Ella, who was sitting by her bedside, gazing at her with seeming admiration on her face. She buried herself in her quilt as she shrank into the corner.

Upon seeing this, Ella smiled. "My Lady, don't be so nervous. No one dares hurt you in this house."


That didn't sound believable to Fiona at all. It was entirely possible that Jeremy could hurt her. Last night, if she hadn't woken up in time, he might have fed her with the pills mouth to mouth. She believed that she was guessing right.

"Mr. Jeremy looked after you the entire night. In his exhaustion, he almost fainted. It's too difficult to find a man like him,"

Ella said seriously, a hint of envy visible in her eyes.

A flush tinted Fiona's face, seemingly in disbelief. "He looked after me the whole night?"

She then glanced down at her clothes, only to find that she wasn't wearing the dress she wore yesterday anymore. Instead, she was wearing a night gown.

Who changed her clothes for her?

Mildly flustered, she gripped Ella by the arm. "Were you the one who changed my clothes for me last night?"

Hesitant, Ella said, "Well... I think you should ask Mr. Jeremy yourself."

Since they were married, it was perfectly normal for a husband to help his wife change her clothes, especially if she was sick.

"Are you feeling better?"

Jeremy stood by the door, and an unnatural flush tinged his cheeks. He studied her carefully, the concern in his eyes indisputable.

Shame welled up in Fiona's chest as she asked angrily, "Were you the one who changed my clothes for


"Well..." Jeremy calmly sat on the bed and placed his hand over her forehead.

Fiona pressed, "I'm asking you."

As Ella watched the two flirt, she figured it was best if she made herself scarce. She sensibly chimed in, "Sir and madam, please excuse me."

With that, she gently closed the door behind her as she left. Fiona wanted to explain herself but wasn't able to get the chance to. She swore she had nothing to do with Jeremy. She lowered her head in distress.

Jeremy asked bluntly, "Have you thought about it?"

"Thought about what?" Fiona seemed to be in a daze. It took a while before she finally understood what he was pertaining to. "You said you would give me time. I need time to think it over."

Things had been piling on top of each other lately that she barely had the time to step back and digest everything that was going on. She couldn't afford to spare a moment to think about this right now.

"I know. I'll give you time." However, his patience was limited.

"Leave. I need to change and go to school," Fiona said.


Jeremy stood up, his head spinning. He gently touched his forehead as his mind went blank in an instant.

He steadied himself by pressing his hands against the wall as he continued to flush. Fiona could tell that something was wrong. In curiosity, she asked, "Are you okay?"

Jeremy didn't respond. Instead, he merely left wordlessly. Fiona curled her lips as she thought, 'Don't assume that I care about you. I just asked because you saved me last night. I can't afford to concern myself about this anymore. It's none of my business anyway. I haven't settled anything yet.'

He changed her clothes for her? As she thought of this, she couldn't help but scream in frustration and embarrassment.

She then cleaned herself up and went to school. On her way back to the dormitory, she heard some noise.

"Rita, how dare you talk about Fiona like that behind her back? I haven't seen through you until today!"

"That's right! If I didn't accidentally see her account number, I wouldn't have known about all those terrible things that she did!"

It was her roommates, Gail Bai and Nanette Zhou, who were trying to defend her. Since she was often busy working, she rarely had the time to talk to them and just kept a civil relationship with them.

Upon hearing Rita's words, she was utterly shocked.

The mayhem still wasn't over yet as Rita continued to talk smack about her. Coldness filled Fiona's chest as she listened in on their conversation.

She shook her head desperately. She couldn't believe this.

"I'm just jealous of her! She stole my man and she's acting all innocent as if she didn't do anything! How shameless! She and I will never make peace. If you two continue to defend her, you're just asking for trouble."

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